Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

Date Tue, September 10 2013

I have so been dreading writing this review. You see, I was so excited for this BB Cream. I like other Fresh Effects products. I like BB creams in general. However, it was apparent almost immediately that I didn’t like this. Not only that, but it really opened my eyes to the faults of American BB creams all together. Olay’s Fresh Effects BB cream suffers from all the typical issues I’ve had:

  • It’s too thin and as such..

    fresh effects bb cream

    fresh effects bb cream

  • It provides too little coverage
  • ..and it doesn’t last.
  • It doesn’t really improve skin on a daily basis

The product description claims that it “Refreshes, Brightens, Evens Tone, Hydrates, Smooths and Protects.” But I have seen literally one of those. Texture and complexion remain unchanged. I’m not sure what refreshing and brightening get. The only effects I get are hydration and sun protection.

In fact, this “BB cream” is nothing more than a tinted moisturizer, but the color is so light that it literally doesn’t matter what shade you pick. That’s right, shade selection seems awesome, but it’s a ruse. You can pick the darkest shade, and it won’t matter because it’s translucent. I have two different shades and can’t tell the difference between them on my face — or even that I am wearing either of them.

If you look closely at the tube, it clarifies that this is a tinted moisturizer, but this is not the same as a BB cream. I’m really sick of American companies trying to convince consumers that this is the case or, in the worse case scenario, not knowing any better themselves. Ugh.

So, SPF 15 is good but not great. This doesn’t cause me to break out or anything. And it smells nice. It’s sort of floral and matches all the other Fresh Effect products. It does fade over time, but you might find the scent of the BB cream to be too strong if you’re sensitive.

However, those positives aren’t enough to make me even like this product. I’m still having to put on foundation, so I’d rather use a moisturizer like that from Proactiv+.

2 Responses

  1. Jenn September 11 2013 @ 11:01 am

    I’m sorry that you didn’t like this BB cream. Oddly enough, Olay’s Fresh Effects BB Cream is the one that I had a *good* experience with. Granted, I didn’t notice any long-term change in the quality of my skin, but from day to day it seemed to do a nice enough job. And I love that scent, haha.

  2. Cole September 11 2013 @ 11:24 am

    My problem is that I know what a REAL BB cream is, heh. If you’re trying it as a new product, it’s cool, but it’s not good enough coming from Korean brands.

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