Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System

Date Mon, March 11 2013
Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System

Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid! Powered Contour Cleansing System

Well, this one’s a long title but I doubt it’ll be a long review. You see, this is one of those items that really took me by surprise. In the past, I’ve written about how silly I think all these vibrating  things. At best, they’re a gimmick. At worse, some poor woman is using it to get off because she doesn’t know better. So that I like Olay’s new “contour cleansing system” says a lot.

It’s really simple. It’s plastic “brush” with softish bristles. There are two buttons to activate vibrations, which require a single AAA battery. According to the package, this system offers 400% better cleansing. I don’t know what this means or even how they determined that, but what I do know is that the brush requires a dab of cleanser, and it lathers extremely well. I think I’ll be able to save cleanser thanks to this system, and that’s awesome. The triangular brush really does work for getting around the hairline, nose and eyes.

It seems to simple. Why didn’t someone think of it before?

Secondly, the vibrations feel good. The brush does leave my skin a little red after use, but it feels relaxing. I didn’t expect that. It’s a little massage-like, and I’m cool with that. I’ve been scrubbing my face before my shower, so I’m using less water, too, and my showers are much shorter.  You could just as easily use it to wash your face when you don’t have time for a full clean. I’ve always had trouble rinsing my face with a splash of water like they do in the commercials, but I’ve used a washcloth to rinse the cleanser from my face.

The included cleanser isn’t one that I’d have picked out, either. Mine came with the  Fresh Effects Shine Minimizing cleanser. Now, I don’t really worry about shine, but I know some people who could do this. I’m more worried about breakouts, and I’ve only had one since I started using this system, and that’s due to me being sick. I never thought I wouldn’t have to use a cleanser that doesn’t cater to blemishes. It’s a thin, creamy formula.

I also really like the smell of this cleanser. It’s clean, light and fresh but doesn’t smell like anything in particular. My stuffed-up nose won’t let me smell it to give you a better description though, sorry.

When I run out, I would consider buying the exfoliating cleanser, but it seems like it’s more expensive than what I typically spend. I’d buy it on sale for sure, but Olay and retailers need to drop the price before it becomes part of my daily routine. Fortunately, I can use the contouring tool with any cleanser. Influenster

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