Date Mon, December 31 2012

Omyst is an interesting little product that caught my eye for no specific reason. It just seemed handy. The official site describes it as:

a healing herbal spray that facilitates natural healing on a wide spectrum of common skin ailments such as rashes, insect bites, stings as well as minor cuts and burns.

See what I mean? Handy. For these types of things I might normally keep around some Neosporine or hydrocortisone, but I really liked the idea of a healing spray. It’s easier to apply consistently and without wasting product. It’s a little more hygienic in that you don’t need to apply product to your fingers to apply. Of course, it’s not without its cons. Sprays tend to be much thinner, so you need to use more to make sure you seal in cuts and scratches. That’s why you go through so much sunscreen when it’s a spray, but tubes of the lotion seem to last longer.

I liked the idea of a natural product, too. According to the site, the four ingredients are:

  1. calendula
  2. yarrow
  3. plantain
  4. wild roses in alcohol
Omyst healing spray

Omyst Healing spray

The name of this product actually derives from the “Om” mantra, which the company describes as the greatest of all mantras; the earth, atmosphere and heaven; the universe; the essence of all beings and life. I’m not really familiar with the product, but this is definitely a better solution if you’re trying to go natural.

It’s nice when you recognize or can easily Google ingredients. The ingredients of this stop swelling (inflammation), sooth, bind skin together (as with cuts) and rejuvenate your skin. It’s got general anti-bacterial properties, can help stop bleeding and Omyst is safe for children and pets. The last is important to me because I have my kitties, and I always want to fix their owwies when they do something stupid like play with razor blades. So not even kidding.

I can say for sure that the soothing works well. One night I kept rubbing my knee wrong against anything. I got an odd sort of carpet burn feeling. A quick spray of Omyst and I couldn’t even tell where the annoyance had been.

I’ve also been spraying this on little nicks and scratches like those that I get from the cats. They’ve all been healing nicely; although, I normally don’t put anything on little injuries and they go away quickly enough, but my knuckle scuffs were gone right away.

If there’s something about Omyst that I don’t love it’s the smell.As a super fine spray, it’s also easy to get the taste “stuck” on your tongue, if you get my meaning. It’s herbal but also a little alcohol-y. It’s strong, so I try to make sure to breathe away from the spray as I’m using it. This isn’t really a horrible thing that would prevent me from recommending it, but I might disclaim my recommendation with a “make sure to turn your face away from the stream” or something.

Right now, the Amazon product page has three 5-star reviews, so it seems like I’m not the only one who liked this product.

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Omyst Healing Spray

Date Mon, December 31 2012

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