On the Hunt!

Date Sat, November 22 2008

I like to check the dates on my change to see if anything is old. Not that I know what is worth anything what it’s just interesting to realize something has been around for decades, possibly older than myself. Of course, some people dedicate a lot more time to locating and acquiring coins which actually do have some value. My mom had a friend whose husband actually worked in a coin collecting shop for some time. And it’s not just searching through circulated money; there’s a big business around selling coins which have never been on the market (although you should be careful as some companies will try to trick you into thinking this is the case). This has been really popular with the advent of state quarters, which my parents collected in those “books” and the new presidential dollars.

The process of collecting coins is called roll hunting and Coin Roll Hunt is a website dedicated to the hobby. While hunters search their homes and cars and even the pavement, they also head to local banks to buy coin rolls of coins to search for those with some value, hence the name of the hobby.

In blog format, this site gives the basic of roll hunting as well as suggests tools you need to get starting in this cheap hobby and how you may go about it and the types of hunters out there. Several hunters show coins in their collection as well as advice on the types of collectible coins are out there. The blog even warns of scams where companies try to sell coins at ridiculous prices.

Coin Roll Hunt is a good resource if you’re interested in coin roll hunting, and I would recommended it to anyone just starting out.

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