Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment

Date Fri, January 9 2015
Two steps to the single dose treatment

Two steps to the single dose treatment

Thanks to Smiley360, I’ve had this medicated product sitting around my house for a few months. I knew I would likely need it sometime during the winter because really bad colds, like the one I have now, tend to knock out my immune system, allowing me to get a cold sore. This morning, I woke up with not one but two fever blisters on my top lip, so I figured there was no better time to try out this product!

Orajel is a brand that I’m familiar with for oral health care. Specifically, they make a variety of products to take away the pain. As I was carefully looking at the Cold Sore Treatment package, I realized that this is only for treating the pain of cold sores. It doesn’t actually help to reduce the time of the cold sore like Abreva.

The packaging comes with 2 single doses. You could use them both on a particularly painful cold sore, but you’re not supposed to use more than three in 24 hours. The cold sore treatment comes in a little vial with a paper holder. You pinch in the right place to break it — kind of like the glow stick. Then, you press the cotton tip to get the liquid medication to soak into it. I pressed it into my hand, but you could press it directly into your lip.

I was able to fully coat a cold sore with this. In fact, I think you could use a single vial once or twice. Immediately, I could smell an alcohol-like scent. This is mainly a topical antisseptic and analgesic, and its main ingredients are benzocaine and benzalkonium chloride. The lip area around the cold sore was definitely number because of this for a few minutes.

..but that was it.

I mean, it hurts a little less after the fact, but..

I’m not sure this is good enough. You see, this product retails for around $20 (although, there’s a $1 off coupon you can get here) and temporary gets rid of pain but nothing else. For a little more, you can buy some Abbreva to help speed up healing time. For less than that, you could buy some regular Orajel or a similar numbing product and just apply it on your cold sore(s). CVS, for example, has cold sore treatments that use the same ingredients.

There’s a follow-up moisturizing treatment, but I’ve already been using lip balm. In fact, I found a tube of Blistex that makes my lips and cold sore feel much better overall than the Orajel cold sore treatment does. And if neither are going to speed up healing, I might as well go with what feels better.

I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review.

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