The Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Date Tue, December 29 2015

Forgive that this post is late, but I’m still in a Christmassy mood. I’m eating ham, potatoes and stuffing as I speak because my family did nontraditional food for Christmas this year. It’s a Wonderful Life is playing in the background, and my tree is still up and lit with presents waiting to be opened beneath it. If I am being honest, I am still waiting for gifts to come in the mail because there was no way they were going to arrive in time. Some of them I didn’t even order until the night before. Where did this month go, anyway?!

My point is that it’s still Christmas in my heart, guys, so my review for The Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collector’s Edition isn’t so late. Are you buying it? Too bad! I don’t care. LOL

The Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collectors Edition

The Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collectors Edition

Anyway, I was excited to have a chance to review The Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collector’s Edition. It was actually in my Amazon wishlist for quite some time. I like Christmas movies even though I’m technically an adult and have no kids. This 2-disc set includes seven different movies/stories. Some of them are among my favorite and others are lesser-known gems. They are:

  • Frosty the snowman
  • Frosty Returns
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  • The Little Drummer Boy
  • Cricket on the Hearth
  • Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol

Now, Rudolph and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town are probably my two most-liked claymation Christmas stories. I’ve seen the Little Drummer Boy a few times, and Frosty its sequel a number of times as well. All of those films are played on network season during the holiday season. But if you’re like me, then you find it hard to sit down when those films are on. I don’t have Tivo, either.

This box set means you can watch them whenever you want, which sounds pretty good to me. As a child, these all felt like full-length movies, but that’s not the case now. In reality, they all fit within 1-hour or 30-minute time slots when they’re on TV, and that’s because none of them is much longer than 45 minutes. A few are shorter than 30, which means you can easily fit them in without worrying that you won’t finish them. And if you have enough time, you  could watch them all in one day. Perhaps that could become a tradition?

Two stories are split up onto the two discs. Frosty, Frosty Returns, Rudolph and Cricket on the Hearth are on one disc. Santa Claus is Coming to Town, the Little Drummer Boy and Mr. Magoo’s Christmas are on the other disc. With the way it’s set up, I don’t think either disc is better than the other, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to watch it all!

The menus feature cute stars and snowflakes. There’s even some special features, including a tutorial to draw your favorite characters, some silly holiday jokes, sing-along songs and facts about everyone’s favorite reindeer. I wasn’t even expecting the extras. I don’t think there has to be! We like these movies because of how they represent the holiday, make us laugh or smile or simply bring the family together. But it’s great for the little ones!

There were some issues originally with scratched discs, but the manufacturer discovered this and is in the process of replacing them. You shouldn’t have issues, and I noticed none while watching any of the stories. Just a head’s up.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this set is that it’s less than $20 on Amazon! That’s a deal. I think I paid more than that when I bought Rudolph by itself. That’s a price good enough to buy one for yourself and everyone on your shopping list, which I think you should, of course!

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