Orly Ingenue

Date Sat, August 17 2013
orly ingenue

orly ingenue

I rarely do nail polish reviews because I think they all deserve photos and I am not a good photographer. I also hate photos where my nails don’t look perfect, but in the case of Orly’s Ingenue, I will make an exception. The Orly website describes this polish as a purple and gold duotone, but it’s sooo much more than that. I picked it up from the store because the bright lights highlighted the purple, but I’ve seen it in purple, gold, pink and bronze. It’s truly multichromatic much more so than any other polish I’ve ever used.

In my lower inside lights, it’s a shimmery bronze. And when I say shimmery, I mean, your nails will look like Jessica Rabbit’s dress. In firelight, it looked very gold. In bright sunlight, it’s purple. The in-between light is usually a gold with a dusky rose-ish hue. This color reminds me of a lip product I once had.

The purple is really subdued. It’s not royal or velvet or lavender. It’s more of a taupe. A low-saturation plum. No matter how you’re looking at Ingenue, it’s gorgeous. The high-shine is very metallic.

I like the formula, too, for the most part. It’s thin and goes on evenly without patching or streaks. I have zero air bubbles! It does chip press easily, even with a topcoat. My only issue is that it’s so thin that you need to apply 3 or more layers for it to be truly opaque, which is how I like my nails. Every extra layers goes from more purple to more gold/bronze. If you want this to look more purple, you could use a taupe-ish base coat. Pink or black would even make a nice base, I bet. I haven’t experimented with base coats because I don’t really have any colors I want to try with it, but I know I’ll be getting some.

If you like the idea of Ingenue but want more purple than gold, Orly Fantasea is similar. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that one, too.

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