Orly Nail Defense

Date Wed, January 25 2012
Orly Nail Defense

Orly Nail Defense

When I decided to treat myself with a haircut and nail polish, I opted for the buy-2-get-1-clear-coat Sally’s had going for Orly products. I may have used some Orly color in the past but I hadn’t used either if their nail protection products. I opted for the Nail Defense because it’s designed to protect nails, bonds layers together and prevent breakage. As someone who’s nails frequently peel, this seemed like a good deal. Orly advertises this as a basecoate on its website but I figured I would use it for both the base and top.

I like this so far, especially because I got it for free. However, it has a leg up over the Sally Hansen strengthener I was using in a couple ways.

  1. It’s thinner and less gloppy. It’s super easy to use. My previous polish was even grew thicker, the longer I had it. I wound up tossing it well before the bottle was empty.
  2. It dries a lot faster. This is handy when I just want my nails clear but even moreso when I’m going with color and I’ve already had to wait for two layers of that to dry. I’m impatient so I like this. It also means it’s less likely that I’ll smudge or otherwise mess it up as I’m waiting for it to dry.
  3. It adds high shine.
  4. It doesn’t dry out around the edges and start peeling after a few days. This was a big problem with my Sally Hansen polish. It was really noticeable and I’d have to remove all the polish and start over. However, I can worry less because it’s much less noticeable as it begins to wear or chip off and, when it does, I can add another layer without it looking like layers upon layers of polish.

Although it’s not perfect, my nails are growing longer. I’d had a little bit of peeling that lead to breakage but only on one nail. This is exciting because my nails are on their way to actually reaching the ends of my fingertips. Then I’ll use the rest of my Sally Hansen stickers. So, as a basecoat, I can’t complain.

It’s not stellar as a topcoat. It’s shiny and smooth over color but chipping starts as soon as it would with any other topcoat and, really, without any at all. Perhaps I am just hard on my nails. However, the thinness means that maintenance is a little easier and maybe I can cover up those spots and prolong the color for a bit more.

The quick drying has me sold more than anything else and I’ll definitely be checking out more Orly products in the future.


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