Date Sat, February 7 2009

I’ve been using Oxiclean for a while now, adding it to loads of white laundry (as an alternative to bleach) and while my whites did come out bright and clean, I wasn’t sure if Oxiclean was making them any whiter than usual. Well, now that Ryan is gone, I don’t really have a lot of laundry to do so my last load was mixed. I used the same laundry detergent as I usually do with my whites but didn’t add Oxiclean because I wasn’t sure how it would react with dark colours.

When I pulled the laundry from the dryer, I immediately noticed how dull my towels and sheets looked. It was nearly disgusting and it certainly answered my question about whether or not Oxiclean actually works.

That aside, Oxiclean is a multifunctional product. I’ve used it to clean hair dye stains from walls (don’t ask) and lift most of a Kool-aid stain from the floor. There’s a ton of other uses (clean your toilet, remove carpet stains, presoak stained items and cleaning lawn furniture) if you take the time to look but I mostly use it for my laundry and it works well. I would always suggest spot testing before you use Oxiclean, of course. Some people have had some deterioration of fabrics washed with Oxiclean (our towels have experienced some but this could just be wear and tear) so I would not use it with delicates and I definitely would not use too much.

The package describes how much you need to use based on load size and amount of dirt. They recommend a number of “scoops” which originally confused me. As it turns out, there was a scoop hidden in the tub but it was so far down I didn’t find it until I had used about half of the product so I was just using the cap to dish out the Oxiclean. It’s much easier to use with the actual scoop. LOL

I’ve probably been using the same tub for about 6 months and while I am working my way down, I still have a few loads left. My laundry detergent will likely last a lot longer but I’ve found I can use a little less Oxiclean than suggested and it still works so you can stretch it a bit. As I mentioned, I only use it with my whites which means socks, towels and bedding for the most part.

For laundry which is not only white, but bright, I recommend using Oxiclean in addition to your regular detergent.

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