Against the Grain “Super” Cat Food

Date Thu, June 26 2014

I woke up today to the sound of Phantom hacking up a furball, so why not write a cat food review? (The things are not related. In other unrelated news, cleaning up said furball involved cleaning up new-found ants. Yay summer!)

I was sent several tubs of Against the Grain Cat food for my boys to try. As you can guess from the clever name, this is a cat food made of 85% meat and absolutely no grain. This is important for cats, who are absolutely carnivores.

Against the Grain Super Food

Against the Grain Super Food

A vegetarian diet can kill your cat while many foods use a lot of grains as fillers. The food costs less, but your pets aren’t getting the nutrients they need. In some cases, this leads pets to overeat and gain weight. Another result is big, stinky poo. Yea, I’m talking about cat poop. No, it’s not even the first time.

The varieties available include:

  • Chicken Mayflower with Turnip Dinner
  • Tuna & Acacia Pennata with Mackerel Dinner
  • Tuna Toscano with Salmon & Tomato Dinner
  • Tuna & Cucurbita with Lamb Dinner
  • Tuna Mango Tango with Duck Dinner
  • Tuna Aubergine With Seabass & Eggplant Dinner
  • Chicken & Polyhauai’i Berry Dinner

Against the Grain actually describes this as a new generation of food. The descriptions sound almost like something you’d find on a menu. For example:

White meat Chicken and Polyhaui’I Berries are hand packed, and a hand-selected blend of unique protein and superfood to serve your cat the most healthy and palatable complete and balanced dinner.

The specific recipes include all sorts of nutrients including antioxidants, glucosinolates  and calcium. Depending upon the flavor, Against the Grain Super Food can help fight parasites, crystals in urine and fungus and increase prostate, kidney, bladder and pancreas health in addition to giving your feline’s immune system a boost. Fish-based varieties are dolphin and turtle safe if you’re concerned about the environment, too.

However, all varieties are

  • Grain Free and Gluten Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Hormone-Free
  • Antibiotic-Free

You can pick the one that deals with your cat’s specific issues. I was sent several to try out on my cats and didn’t use them in any particular order.

So I opened the first tubs for my cats. Smelled like meat. I immediately noticed how these tubs seemed to have a lot of “gravy.” The meat was shredded in it. It reminded me a lot of school lunches when they’d have turkey sandwich day. It was delicious and messy.

But there are wet cat foods with more meat than gravy, and these might be a little more filling. While my cats loved every flavor equally it seemed — and more than they loved getting along long enough to share — Goliath especially didn’t seem full and was back to his dry food quickly. However, I think this would be great as a topper and maybe to hide medicine if your cats are finicky about that sort of thing.

With a few tubs, I wasn’t able to see the full effect. I noticed know negatives after feeding this to my cats, however. There were as happy as ever.

Against the Grain doesn’t just make cat food. They sell canned “pulled meat” dog food which is similar to the cat food I received to review and “human quality” cat food.

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  1. Anne June 26 2014 @ 6:38 pm

    Thanks for this review. One of my cats is old and frail, and I have trouble getting her to eat, so every bite has to count. I’ve been looking for the best foods to try, and this one looks perfect.

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