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Date Tue, March 18 2014
PetHub Tag

PetHub Tag

I don’t know about you, but I love my pets. As much as I complain about them on Facebook, my two cats — Phantom and Goliath — are so sweet and dear to me. They’re only inside cats so I feel pretty safe, but I won’t know what I would do if something happened to them. So I jumped on the opportunity to work with PetHub when they contacted me for review. 

PetHub is a website where you can create a profile for your pet and connect it to a tag with a QR code on it. PetHub sells QR tags and accessories. I received this one in addition to a pet DNA kit to review.

There was definitely a lot of information to go through so I started with the DNA, which includes two cotton swabs for swabbing your pet’s cheek for skin cells. The kit includes a postage paid envelope to send this into Pet Protect 360 for a custom DNA certificate, which you’ll receive via email.

Here’s a little more information about the DNA system:

DNA Profiling (AKA Genotyping or Genetic Fingerprinting) is used to establish a secure, permanent ID for your pet in case it is lost or stolen. The Genetic Fingerprint is generated from DNA technology that the FBI and other law enforcement use to verify human identity. DNA sample collection is quick, easy, painless and anyone can collect a sample using cheek swabs. You will receive a detailed Certificate of your pet’s DNA profile (example shown on the left).

While I was waiting for the reply, I went ahead and signed up with PetHub to create my account. Setting up his profile at was easy. I created an account and signed in. It first asked me for my contact information. Then, I clicked a button to add a pet and entered information:

  • breed
  • color
  • specific markings
  • allergies and conditions
  • weight
  • birthday
  • type of pet

There were a few more options. I also uploaded a photo. Check out Phantom’s profile. If my kitty were running around the street with his collar and tag on, you could scan it with any smartphone and it would take you to his profile on PetHub. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can go to the website and enter the tag number that’s directly on the tag.

Tag on Collar

Tag on Collar

I entered this tag to link it to my cat after adding his profile and photo. PetHub recommends using multiple tags in the event that one breaks or falls off. Of course, you can add multiple pets to your profile, too.

I have it set up so that you can send me an email. Fortunately, PetHub uses a form and doesn’t show my email address directly. You can also call the site itself to report a missing pet. If you go to the website on the tag rather than scanning it, there’s an option for “I found a pet.” I think PetHub is easy to use whether you’re adding your pet or reporting a lost one.

One thing that I like is that you can add information about conditions. If your pet were diabetic or had another condition, the PetHub profile provides this information. It’s helpful if your pet winds up at an animal shelter or vet because they can deal with those conditions. As a pet owner, I can also return to PetHub and report if my cat goes missing.

After I addded Phantom, I saw an option to upgrade, which provides GPS locating, an Amber alert type system and options to create lost pet posters. I didn’t opt to upgrade, but plans start at $3 per month. You’ll save money if you pay annually or for two years at a time.


PetHub Subscription Options

PetHub Subscription Options

PetHub sells a variety of tags.  The one that I received costs $16.75, and many of the tags cost between $15 and $20. There are personalized pet tags, too. You can get a basic one for $4, however.  PetHub also makes collars with QR codes on the clasps.

When you do receive your DNA certificate (see a sample here) in your email, you’ll save it and upload it to your pet’s profile where there is an option to upload documents. The certificate outlines number of alleles in your pet’s DNA, but you’ll provide the pet’s name and breed. This isn’t intended to locate a lost pet; although, you could use it to prove your pet’s identity in some situations.

Obviously, PetHub and Pet Protect is a great way to keep track of your lost pets, even if your pet is microchipped. Both my cats are. However, it doesn’t replace microchipping. According to the website:

[W]e’re not suggesting that you do not have your dog microchipped. There are benefits to having your dog microchipped as well but the PetProtect360° product is non-invasive, does not require a special trip to the veterinarian, and the QR code is real-time scannable with any smart phone.

It’s a little easier for a random stranger to get in touch with you vie PetHub than a microchip, I think. So if my neighbor found my cat, she might take him in and scan him or go to the website to contact me directly. I do have tags for my cats’ microchips, but if they weren’t on, it would require a vet to scan the chip. Plus, you have to call the microchip company and they’ll contact me. Overall, PetHub seems easier.

If you order the entire PetHub and Pet Protection 360 kit, it’ll cost $69 dollars. This includes the DNA service and 3 months subscription to the Pet Protect 360 service. For most people, I’d simply opt for the QR tag, which you can add to your pet’s existing collar with ease.

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  1. Maggie C March 18 2014 @ 8:53 pm

    I like your cats’ names. Those plan prices are really reasonable, almost surprisingly so. Thanks for sharing about PetHub!

  2. Cole March 21 2014 @ 6:58 am

    Yes, the prices are good for a QR tag. Probably cheaper to buy one than make one yourself (although that is possible)

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