Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS

Date Fri, October 31 2014

For someone who spends as much time gaming as I do, I don’t spend a lot of time writing reviews. It’s been too long, but Ubisoft and the Clever Girls Collective have provided me with a chance to write a review for the new Petz Beach game. Well, to be honest, it’s technically a review for my sister. You know, the 11-year-old who is the target audience for this game. But I wanted to see all about the game, too! Can you blame me?

Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS

Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS

In Petz beach, you play a character who has moved to a beach community with your pet. Ubisoft recently released Petz Countryside, which is  a similar game but in a different venue. Both were released on  October 14, 2014 for the 3DS.

My sister chose a little German shepherd puppy who she named Tippy, after a dog we had when she was younger. I knew that was her choice because I’ve done the same thing in a similar game. When she was choosing, there were different fur patterns to choose from. However, dogs are just one choice in this game. Because of the beach theme, you can have a pet whale or dolphin! We’re still getting used to playing with a pup, though.

In the game, you move through the town and get to know your neighbors, who will teach you tips and tricks. The mayor, for example, pops up every time you start the game to teach you new things. In this way, you learn a little about the game as you go. Plus, the game starts out with a limited map and number of NPCs, so there’s both room to grow and it’s not overwhelming when you first begin.

One thing we had to get used to was how you control your animal. As we walked Tippy around town, we had the option to grab the handle of the leash on the bottom touch screen so Tippy would go in the direction we pulled. This definitely has a learning curve, and it’s not always easy to tell which way your pet is facing. However, there is an option to move him on the overall map, which I find easier.

Gameplay features several different activities and options:

  • Teach your pet tricks such as catching fish or finding shells
  • Care for your pet
  • Complete questions for NPCs
  • Visit other friends on their 3DS (Playdates)
  • Decorate your pet with accessories purchased with in-app currency

We’re far from completing the game, so I’m sure there’s much more that I haven’t done. One of the things I really like is the ability to take a snapshot of your game. With Nintendo’s image share tool, you can send it to Twitter or Facebook. That’s how I was able to upload the photo of Tippy the dog with an NPC’s dog.

Tippy makes friends in Petz Beach

Tippy makes friends in Petz Beach

During loading, you’ll see snippets of info about animals from Encyclopaedia Britannica. I think this is a clever use of those loading screens, but most of the facts were things I already knew. I think kids will appreciate this effort more, but the facts could be more unusual. There are a couple areas for improvement in this game, including the graphics and over-reliance on the stylus. There were some parts where using the thumbpad or D-pad would work perfectly. Additionally, the game doesn’t use your Mii when showing your character, which is kind of disappointing. You can choose a generic avatar, however.

Because this is a 3DS game, you can use the slider to turn up or down the effect. I typically play with 3D effects down because you need to hold the 3DS in exactly the correct position to get the best effect, and this isn’t how I tend to hold it. However, I think kids will definitely enjoy the effect that 3D adds in Petz Beach.

Some activities in this game, including fishing, allow you to use the motion detector in the 3DS, which is fun.

Petz Beach is likely going to be a hit for anyone who lots of Petz or similar games.

If you’re interested in Petz Beach, you can buy Petz Beach on It’s a great option for the children in your holiday shopping list.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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