Pillsbury Ready to Bake Christmas Sugar Cookies

Date Sat, December 27 2008

Pillsbury’s Ready to Bake Christmas Sugar cookies are easy to make and delicious. They smell great and each package provides you with 2 dozen perfectly proportioned and shaped sugar cookies which are already cut into small rounds. Cook for approximately 10 minutes, let cool for 1 and you’re ready.

We chose the Christmas tree design and the cookies (well, the batch I didn’t burn) turned out perfectly soft, sweet and delicious. The tree design turned out well and the colours within the cookie were pretty vibrant. It almost looked like the designs were done in chocolate or something, but they were the same – as far as I know. These cookies are so moist, they’re almost cake-like.

These cookies would do in a pinch or if you just want something a little different. I think they would go well with milk or hot chocolate and could be frosted or topped with a dollop of Cool Whip to make them a bit more exciting. They’re a quality product overall.

PS, sorry for the lack of image. These are just a seasonal take off of Pillsbury’s Ready to Bake Sugar cookies and I forgot to snap a picture before tossing the package.

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  1. Hunter-m3 January 17 2013 @ 9:40 pm

    I always have these during the holidays. Very nostolgic for me, so my opinion may be skewed.

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