Pointing Fingers

Date Tue, January 21 2014

I didn’t get a chance to write the review for this new family board game from Hasbro before I posted my giveaway. I think you can all forgive me, of course.

Pointing Fingers is a very social game that’s fun for parties and clean enough to be played by every member of the family. I played with both my 10 year-old sister and mom. It would work well my peers, too.

Pointing Fingers board Game

Pointing Fingers board Game

The basis of the game is that there are cards with questions about things you have or would do. Some are crazy, funny, silly, rude or gross. Some of the questions are just weird. The game combines your answers with your friends’ opinions of you. Thus, you answer your question, rate how frequently have or would do it ona scale of 0 (never) to 3 (always). After everyone answers, players point at the person who they think of the most likely culprit. You get as many points to your name as the person’s answer (0 to 3). The first person to reach 20 points (if I recall correctly) wins.

Two Fingers Up!

Two Fingers Up!

The game includes 6 giant foam fingers to wear when you point. I found this a little silly, but my sister loved it. She confiscated all the extra fingers when we played. There are also the cards with three questions each. You get to pick the question to ask everyone at the table, which helps you avoid asking questions that might not apply.

There are six Wheels of Truth, one for each potential player. These are made of paperboard and plastic that you must put together. While this didn’t take that long, the wheels seemed rather flimsy and didn’t work as well as they could have — in my opinion, at least. The wheels allow you to put down your own answer and keep track of your scores, which is nice.

This isn’t a complicated game altogether. I frequently find myself continuing with question games like this and Loaded Questions┬áis going through the rest of the cards after someone has won. The thing I like best about Pointing Fingers is that you can really find something interesting out about your friends and family. For example, my mom once punched a woman. Who knew? You get to understand peoples’ questions and morals and just they’re willing to — or have done — do when people aren’t watching. It’s very interesting.

It’s also the sort of game that doesn’t have a lot of replay value with the same group of people. Given the types of questions, someone who’s older will probably be able to answer “have done it” to more questions. Although, this might not always be the case. You can get more fun out of it by playing with different people, and you’ll likely elaborate when people ask about your answers. Nevertheless, the dynamic doesn’t allow for variances in answers or humor like Loaded Questions, which is a shame. I’d like to have seen a dynamic that offered more replayability.

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