Printer Ink Warehouse Will Save You a Fortune!

Date Wed, May 21 2008

I’ve used the Printer Ink Warehouse several times now and continue to remain impressed by this website. The Printer Ink Warehouse offers discount ink for literally thousands of printers including Canon, HP, Dell and Epson printers. Compare their prices to those are your local store and you will definitely be amazed!

I started using the Printer Ink Warehouse several years ago after I became sick of spending $30 a single cartridge every time I needed ink. For my particular printer, I was only paying $8 per cartridge through Printer Ink Warehouse. I gladly took the discounted price! Customers can easily search by printer type and model; you don’t need any more information than that to find your ink!

If you’re wondering how it works or whether it works at all, rest assured! PPrinter Ink Warehouse (and probably similar sites) do in fact work. The reason they are able to offer printer ink as such a great price is because you are purchasing remanufactured, that is, they are cartridges which have been used and are cleaned and refilled then sold to you at a cheaper price than brand new cartridges. Be aware that these are not the same name brand cartridges that you will buy directly from the manufacturer but they work just as well if not even better as the cartridges you have been paying an arm and a leg for all along.

It’s important for customer to realize that by using a cartridge that is not manufactured by the same company as your printer, you may be voiding any warranty you have. If this is a concern of yours, then you should not use remanufactured ink cartridges in your printer.

Wondering if a great deal can be improved? It can! If you purchase your ink in bulk from Printer Ink Warehouse, you’ll get free shipping. The shipping fees which are normally a very affordable flat fee of $4.95 to within the continental United States, are knocked off when you purchase upwards of $45 worth of ink.

Furthermore, the Printer Ink Warehouse has a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your ink up to a year, you can return it easily. The Printer Ink Warehouse offers such a policy because they’re almost positive you won’t have any problems with their remanufactured ink which is tested electronically to meet rigorous standards and customer satisfaciton.

Stop by the Printer Ink Warehouse today to get a discount on your ink!

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