Proactiv+ 3-Step System

Date Thu, July 11 2013


Earlier this year, Proactiv launched Proactiv+, a lineup of cleansers and skincare products that not only target acne but also help with complexion. Basically, it’s the adult version, and I was lucky enough to win a sample of the cleanser, moisturizer and pore targeting treatment, which is the basis of Proactiv+, from a giveaway earlier in the year.  The complete kit actually has products to fade dark marks and improve skin around your eyesYou can also choose the teen kit, which has blemish relief and a body bar. To be honest, I’m young enough that I worry about acne more than those other things; though, I wouldn’t mind a bit more even complexion.

Thus far, I’ve focused on using the exfoliating cleanser. It’s a thick cream cleanser that comes in a tube. It has some exfoliating particles; although, they’re not nearly as coarse as some of the products I’ve used. This might be a good thing if those apricot scrubs are just too harsh for your sensitive skin. Because it’s a creamy texture, it doesn’t really foam. I don’t think that I need to tell you all that how to use the product.

Like other Proactiv cleansers, the active ingredient in this one is benzoyl peroxide, which is intended to kill bacteria that cause acne. I have to say that, except for some hormone-induced acne around my period, the cleanser has done a really good job. I even cleans a few areas on my body where acne tends to pop up and it really helps. You’re supposed to use the product twice per day but I really only wash my face once in the shower. In fact, you might notice that the benzoyl peroxide causes your skin to dry and peel, which is sometimes a side effect.

One thing to take note of is that the tube warns to wear sunscreen when you’re in the sun. Since I usually use BB Cream, which includes sun protection, this isn’t an issue. It’s also actually pretty common with skincare products.

The kit also comes with a creamy pore treatment, but my pores are not my concern so it’s difficult to say whether I feel that this product works. I’ve used Complexion Perfecting Hydrator more, however. It’s a bit thick for my needs, so I have to be extremely careful not to overload my skin especially in summer. Otherwise, I wind up with clogged pores and oil. It’s not the thickest or oily, but I tend to prefer thinner moisturizers.

The hydrator includes salicylic acid, which is another ingredient that fights acne. The Proactiv+ website describes the moisturizer as follows:

This luxurious, nutrient-rich finishing touch is designed to leave your skin smooth, supple, even-toned, bright and radiant. It delivers solutions to the most common problems of an acne-prone complexion. Salicylic acid (0.5%) acne medicine helps keep pores clear and looking smaller.

I’ll keep using it but it’s going to last me a long time due to the texture.

The Proactiv+ 3-Step System isn’t quite ideal for me, but I would continue using it if it didn’t cost $30 per month! I would definitely pay more than I do for drug store cleansers, but the price is just a wee bit ridiculous, you know? It’ll be back to my old products once I finish this tube.

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