Pura d’or Argan Oil Based Conditioner- Lavender Vanilla

Date Wed, May 6 2015

Pura d'or

Conditioner in a pump bottle

Pura d’or is a premium manufacturer of beauty products. I was sent a bottle of their Argan Oil Conditioner in Lavender Vanilla to try and report honestly on.

This hair conditioner is unlike any other I’ve used. First, the squat pump bottle is more like that you’d expect from lotion. In fact, that’s what I thought it was at first! It makes it easy to administer in the shower, though. I’ll have to see how much product winds up left behind as I get to the bottom. I definitely might need some beauty spoons!

Secondly, the texture of this is much thicker and a little dryer than moist conditioners or cream rinses. It feels like it goes on my hair more like a lotion, if that makes sense. In fact, this makes it a little more difficult for my to rinse out because it’s harder to help it’s still in there. So I’ve been spending extra time making sure I rinse extremely thoroughly. Even so, it feels a little heavy on my fine hair. I’d rather have a product that adds more volume.

Most conditioners make my hair feel silky even before I dry it off, but this isn’t the case with this product. In fact, I don’t feel a whole lot of difference between untreated hair wet or dry. I suppose this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but one of the pros of argan oil is that it helps to detangle hair and makes it feel touchable. My fine hair is already quite soft, but the results from this product aren’t worth the $25 price tag.

I do like the scent. Lavender vanilla is sweet but floral. It’s a little heavier on the lavender than some other products I’ve used with that scent combination, but this isn’t bad. The scent is definitely strong in the shower, and I think you’d be able to smell it throughout the day, especially if your hair is longer. My hair is short enough that it doesn’t hang in my face to remind me.

You should use conditioners with “matching” shampoos as each conditioner will undue any of the damage caused by the shampoo. I was only sent the conditioner to review, but there’s a dandruff shampoo I’d like to try! I’d be curious to see how well the products work together.

As for finding the perfect hair treatment, I think I will try adding a few drops of argan oil to my exist shampoo to see how well it works!

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