Purple LED Lights

Date Tue, May 8 2012

Purple LED Christmas Light Bulb

Purple LED Christmas Light Bulb

Take a look around. What do you notice? Hint: purple. I like it. No, I love it. I have a hard time thinking of layouts that are not based around this color. I have purple nails. I wear purple. So, when a review opportunity presented itself for me to review some purple LED Christmas lights, I said “Sign me up, Scottie.” Not really, but I wish have, now that I thought of it.

Now, most of my Christmas lights are pretty old — hand-me-downs, in fact. Not the giant styles of the 80s but I bet they’ve been around at least ten years and they look positively ancient to these LED lights. The bulbs on these are just tiny little nubs compared to my inch-long lights. That’s okay, it means there’s less to break, right? In fact, while this set does come with replacement fuses, there are no replacement bulbs. This leads me to think that I won’t have to replace them. The whole set does seem less fragile.

Another difference is that the purple is very bright. They’re described as a “warm” purple and it’s true! They’re more pastel than the blacklight-like purple lights I’ve used for Halloween. This means that the specific color is more appropriate for Christmas, if you wanted to decorate with less traditional colors. It looks rather blue in my photo, which is just the effect of lighting and the camera. The strand I got was insulated in white, and not green, but it looks like Holiday LEDs has some green ones, too, to match your tree.

Purple LED Lights

Purple LED Lights

There is a bit of room for improvement, though.

The insulation on these is pretty thick, which makes these a little bit hard to work with. They definitely want to twist back into the shape that they were in, in the plastic (which was just a clear plastic bag — okay with me!). I hope they become more supple over time, because this is a pretty big problem. It’s good for outdoor use but there’s more corners and such indoor, which make it more problematic. In fact, I was trying to get a feel for how long the strand is — turns out it’s 25′ — but I couldn’t, because of all the twisting. I wanted to make my photo of a pretty heart-shape, but just couldn’t. I need an extra hand or three.

Nevertheless, they’re still pretty. They seem resilient. Plus, they’re energy-star rated and use the standard plug, with a plug on the end for more strands. The transition to LED is one that makes sense and provides more color options than glass or plastic, and I think anyone who loves purple — or any other color — would like these.

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  1. N. May 12 2012 @ 9:55 pm

    Oh my goodness, these are too cool! These would be so cool for putting around a bedroom like I see some people do, with sheets and stuff.

  2. cole May 13 2012 @ 1:17 am

    @N. It actually would match mine, too!

  3. amanda August 7 2012 @ 9:00 am

    those are beautiful!! so cool

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