Quaker Breakfast Cookies Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Date Sat, April 21 2012

I don’t know how likely I would have been to buy these cookies if Quaker hadn’t been advertising the hell out of them, but my local grocery store had a big display and I figured I’d give the chocolate chip ones a try. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? (Answer: freaks and weirdos ;)) So, here’s the commercial, in case you hadn’t seen it.

Quaker Breakfast Cookies

Quaker Breakfast Cookies

There’s one thing I really dislike about this product — all the cookies are individually packaged. This isn’t economical or eco-friendly and it means the overall box is far larger than it has to be.

Let’s counter with something I like — these cookies are huge! They’re great snack size and you never have to eat more than one. I don’t know how many Oreos I should be eating but, with the Quaker cookies, I grab one and it sates my appetite both physically and mentally.

The individual packaging does keep them fresh and these oat cookies are very soft. I was surprised by how much I liked the texture. They’re also not as dry as one might think, which is another “pro” in my book. You can certainly enjoy them with a glass of milk, for example, but you won’t feel the need to drink an entire gallon.

The chocolate chip variety is definitely sweet, but it’s mostly from the oats. The chips were quite small and I couldn’t really detect them in my mouth, which was disappointing. However, I always wound up holding the cookie in a way that the chocolate melted on my fingers. Funny, right? Ultimately, my opinion comes down to a snack with chocolate in it not sating my chocolate craving. That will never get a pass.

I may still try the other varieties of Quaker’s breakfast cookies, however.

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  1. Carli June 6 2012 @ 9:55 pm

    How can i get a free sample?

  2. Cole June 6 2012 @ 11:19 pm

    Would love to tell you, but I paid for mine.

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