Rachael Ray Yum-O! Bakeware 9″ Square Cake Pan

Date Mon, November 30 2009

yumocakepanOn the insert, Ms Ray says we can use the pan for cakes or brownies (although she prefers to use it to make enchiladas and the like), which I did. And, you know, I was wondering how much I could say about a pan after all. A pan is a pan, right? But my experience with Yum-O Bakeware has gone to show that a pan is not a pan is not a pan.. always. And even if Ryan couldn’t tell the difference between the crappy cake pan I’d been using as a catch all for my baking needs, I certainly can.

Made of nonstick aluminum, this cake pan is definitely heftier than I am used to. It feels more hardcore. I know it sounds silly but it does. It’s thicker and seems less likely to bend. The nonstick coating is tangible and gives the pan a sort of shine but there’s also some iridescent sparkle to it for no other reason than appearances. Perhaps this is the kind of cake pan Dez would use to make bake for Twilight vampires. Perhaps not. The silicone grips “add a splash of color” according to the item listing but I wish I had more choices. Nothing in my kitchen is orange and most of the Rachael Ray Cookware seems to ignore the colour red as a whole. C’est la vie.

However, they are practical and make handling the pan easier, as do the super wide handles which significantly increase the area which one can grasp. “Rachael Ray” is embossed on the grips which also adds some friction (and can be used to name drop if you serve directly from the pan! ;)). If you think you may be able to touch them with your bare hands, be warned! Silicone is pretty susceptible to temperature changes so a pot holder is still a must. For those unfamiliar with silicone, worry not about it melting. Pure silicone can handle up to 600 degree temperatures (and the cake pan is actually stated for use up to 500 degrees, hmm..).

Because of the nonstick coating, the intructions advise not to spray or use metal tools which is par the course for most cookware. Of course, the reason most of us resort to forks and knives usually has something to do with the fact that those coatings fail and food becomes so baked on it almost seems bonded. Yet, I have never had bakeware actually live up to its claim as well as the Rachael Ray Yum-O! Bakeware 9″ Square Cake Pan did. My brownies peeled off easily and batter which has cooked to the sides was easy to remove, too. I could literally use a rubber spatula to remove any and all food remnants. It looked spotless before washing. On the note of washing, this cake pan is dishwasher safe but it is recommended to hand wash. My experience hints that this will not be a daunting task and the pan will look brand new after every use.

My brownies were not only cooked evenly but were done sooner because of the nonstick coating. Check your recipes or the back of the box so you don’t overcook your food. This 9″ x 9″ pan makes brownies of a perfect thickness but because it’s 1.5″ tall, can be used for a variety of dishes.

I was surprised by the ease of use of the Rachael Ray Yum-O! Bakeware 9″ Square Cake Pan and how it not only stood up against the competition but blew it out of the water. It does cost more than I may have spent in the past but now? I may have to reconsider my budget and invest in some bakeware for life.

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