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Date Sun, September 8 2013

I was able to get in contact with some folks from Radiantly You a while back, and they sent me a box of stuff to review. Man, do I love when companies send me multiple things to review. I like it even better when I like all of those things, and that just happens to be the case with the products I got from them. Plus, they’re organic, which is something that I know many of my readers look for.

The list of things I received includes:

Radiantly You Goodies

Radiantly You Goodies

So let’s start with the body butter, because I just finished the last of this. Although it may be whipped, it’s not light. This is okay. It’s actually a thicker product that’s great for getting into your skin quickly. It feels a little heavy, but my feet felt smoother immediately after applying this. It was almost solid but seemed to melt right into my skin. I bet you could even use it for a massage. I don’t think I’d wear it on my hands for daily wear because of the texture. It was likely sweet but not overly sweet, which I think many people will enjoy. Although it’s not orange scented, I feel as though it still “goes” with the products that are like..

The orange vanilla lip balm. This also isn’t super sweet. The lip balm is made with “local” beeswax, vanilla and orange essential oils, shea butter and coconut oil. It’s a short list that’s easy to understand. Nothing in the ingredients adds any flavor if you’re the type who likes to lick your lips. It feels a little waxy but no more than any other lip balm. I do feel that the balm stays on top of my lips rather than deeply moisturizing, and I miss the lack of SPF. However, it’s a decent product. I’ll just stick to wearing it inside the house.

Both the lip balm and body butter got pretty thin when temperatures got high. When they dropped back down, the texture seemed a little “gritty” and not quite mixed. Natural products do tend to separate, but this didn’t hinder usage at all. It’s just something you might want to know.

sweet orange soap bar

sweet orange soap bar

When it’s time to get clean, Radiantly You has a few different soaps. I received the orange soap bar, which smelled lovely and citrus-y. It was a full-size soap bar, and I loved the hand-made look, which you can see in the photo above. I had actually just received a bunch of body wash, so I cut the bar in half to use as hand soap at my sinks. I still have some leftover on my kitchen sinks, and it’s been months. Months!  The soap contains orange peel zest, which adds to the scent but also helps to exfoliate your skin. It’s intended to add moisture, and I never felt dry skin after using it. The natural oils also don’t feel like they’re leaving as much building on my hands as other bar soaps. I like that.

Finally, I received the Vanilla With Lavender Bud Sugar Scrub. I’m hesitant because I usually don’t like lavender scents, but I really like this scrub. If you’re not familiar with sugar scrubs, you’ll definitely want to rinse this one off. However, the soap mixed in with the scrub helps cleanse your skin as you use it, so you don’t need to use a separate product. Glycerin locks in moisture; although, I do know some people prefer their products without it. The lavender buds are a softer texture, almost like pieces of rice. It isn’t much to look at, but it feels and works well. As I was peeling from a sun burn, I used the scrub to speed up the process.  I have a little bit left in my shower because I don’t normally use a scrub every day. However, this one is gentle enough to do so.

Of course, these are just a few of Radiantly You’s products. They have laundry soap, bug spray, baby boot balm, and even toothpaste.  Judging from my experience, I bet they’re all pretty good. Check out their new store to order online.

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  1. Jenn September 11 2013 @ 11:02 am

    Radiantly You sounds like some pretty awesome stuff. I’m having bar soap envy now… and I don’t usually like bar soap. ;)

  2. Cole September 11 2013 @ 11:25 am

    Bar soap is hit or miss for me but this one was awesome.

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