How Real Musicians Make Money with TuneCore

Date Wed, June 25 2014

Composed Brian Crain made music his career. Now, you might think he’s not making a lot of money if he’s not a performer, but you’d be wrong. With services like TuneCore, Brian can sell his music for use in TV shows and movies. Brian now has a steady stream of revenue thanks to TuneCore, which is a great way for any aspiring musicians to make a living.

For seven years, Brian has been using TuneCore in addition to ASCAP to make royalties. During the course of his career, he has had surprising success on South Korea, where he’s now ambassador to a town he toured. According to Brian:

I was so moved by the beauty of the surrounding area and the wonderful people in Yeongwol that I wrote a song for them. The Ambassadorship was a big surprise and a great honor.

Not only has he made money — including some royalties that he didn’t even know about! — but Brian has relied on TuneCore to navigate the tricky minefield that is the legalities of contracts. The service also offers tools that Brian uses to track trends to help him better market his music.

You can read more about Brian Crain and why he chose TuneCore in his interview on the blog.

If you’re a songwriter, you can also make money with TuneCore.

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