Reed Diffusers by Partylite

Date Mon, July 21 2008

One of my more recent discoveries related to perfuming my living quarters is that of diffusing. A container, usually decorative, is filled with liquid and through a small opening a “wick” of sorts is placed, with one end in the liquid. Through this method, the liquid travels the wick and is then expelled into the air. Diffusers are quickly gaining in popularity

I currently use a reed diffuser by Partlite, which was gifted to me from my mother; although many candles and home decor stores have similar products. The diffusers consist of a fragrance oil in a clear glass bottle, and several thin wooden reeds are inserted into the bottle. Partlite’s version comes with decorative wooden ‘baubles’ on the some of the reeds but, overall, the set up is very similar and it something that can make a fun do it yourself project.

Unfortunately, my diffuser has not had the wonderful results I’ve known others’ to have and I suspect it’s because of its specific scent: cherry. Initially, the oil smelled great in the bottle but its scent spread via the reeds is not as pleasant. The overall effect is also not as fragrant as I would like.

However, I have experienced others’ diffusers that were both strong and pleasant, from Partylite.

Partylite‘s fragrance oils do not contain alcohol and the reed diffusers do not need a flame to work which makes them safer to other alternatives. According to the website, the lack of alcohol means the reeds do not need to be flipped over to continue aromatizing but I find that flipping them over can provide a fresh burst of fragrance even if it is not necessary. I’ve had my diffuser since April and I’ve used about half of the product so it lasts quite a while.

Partylite diffusers come in a package containing the oil, reeds and bottle but replacement oils can be purchased. Many online shops contain whole diffuser sets as well as replacement bottles, oils and reeds.

Another alternative to bottle diffusers is disposable diffusers made from popular home fragrance companies like Glade. Lower end diffusers generally come with a thick wick, similar to a candle, instead of reeds. Periodically, this wick needs to be adjust to insure continuing fragrance.

Although my current reed diffuser is a little disappointing, I will definitely try a different oil in the future.

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