Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color

Date Wed, August 8 2012
Revlon Colorsilk

Revlon Colorsilk

My most recent hair dying adventure wasn’t too bad. I picked up a box of $3 hair dye, and figured it wouldn’t kill me if it didn’t work. The brand was Revlon’s Colorsilk, which I hadn’t tried before, but the box had an image of the chocolate brown I was going for. In hindsight, I should’ve remembered the exact color. I’m thinking it was something in the 32 – 37 range, which makes it a medium to dark brown. Colorsilk packaging advertises  it will leave your hair in better condition than before.

It’s also ammonia-free, which is good. Anyone who’s used an ammonia-based dye knows just how horrid it smells. Most of the Loreal dyes I’ve used have smelled pretty good. This one, while not containing ammonia, didn’t smell particularly good. It’s still chemical-laden, and your nose knows.

The process requires not-clean but not-dirty hair. It’s kind of ridiculous. I think I decided my hair was clean enough to dye, and off I went. There were only two bottles to mix, and the color change easily indicated when they were mixed. The include gloves, as you would expect, are pretty cheap. I dyed my hair, waited the requisite 25 minutes or so and jumped in the shower to rinse, condition and clean the rest of me.

I could immediately see that my wet hair was darker, but I dried it for the full effect. I was pretty impressed with the color, and it didn’t seem flat. It took to my natural highlights in a way that I liked, and the coverage seemed good. I was glad to be away from that strawberry blond-ish from before, but no one noticed. I suppose they just think of me as a brunette, and the red wasn’t completely covered up.

However, the dye has faded quickly. I’ve been using shampoo for colored hair and quickly used up the conditioner that came with the dye, which only lasted about four applications (much less than L’oreal’s products), but it still seems much lighter than it was. Revlon calls this permanent, but nowhere on its site or packaging can I tell how permanent. Generally, boxes give you some idea. For example, L’oreal has products that last 28 washes, 8 weeks and longer. This hair color has drastically faded in less than a month. For $3, I could have done a lot worse, but it just about evens out  when you consider the other brands that do last two to three months.


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  1. amanda August 8 2012 @ 9:14 pm

    i love this hair color

  2. Rochelle October 15 2013 @ 11:53 pm

    I found the Colorsilk hair coloring an excellent product and great value and I also found the disposable gloves included in the kit to be quite comfortable they also stretched well over my nails

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