Ritz Crackerfuls

Date Tue, May 24 2011

Ritz Crackerfuls

Ritz Crackerfuls

The review opportunities just keep coming from One2One Network so you and I both have them to thank for sending me some Ritzs Crackerfuls in exchange for a review on this here blog.

Ritz Crackerfuls are kind of like the grown up version of those bite-sized cheese and cracker sandwiches. The company has taken a new look at the idea and the result is a multigrain cracker sandwich that is ideal for snacking. Each sandwich is about the size of a power/snack/granola bar and the snacks consist of multigrain crackers with scalloped edges with a thin layer of sharp cheddar cheese in between.

Like many multigrain products I found the texture of the crackers to be, well, grainy. It’s the type of snack that you probably want to eat with a glass of milk or water. Amazon customers have noted the same thing or mentioned dryness as well. The multigrain crackers, while a bit salty, have that more interestingfllavour that multigrain products tend to have. It’s not quite as bland. Ritz has been marketing the 6 grams of multigrain per sandwich, too. While this is an easy way to increase your grain intake, it’s still not super healthy nor is it organic but props to the company for trying.

These cream in the middle of made from real cheese and tasted pretty.. odd to me. Honestly, It reminded me of Kraft macaroni and cheese, if it were somehow ground up into a paste. I’m not a huge fan of Kraft’s macaroni and cheese these days and the taste was just not what I was expecting–nor what anyone would expect. While it’s not horrible, I found myself munching on these sandwiches because they were there and I was a tiny bit hungry and they’re convenient but I didn’t really find myself to enjoy them. With that said, Ritzs Crackerfuls are available with other fillings, including four cheese and garlic herb. I would be willing to try those before I completely write off the product.

Each box of Ritz Crackerfuls contains six individually wrapped sandwiches. I have to say that it seemed like there was a lot of excess packaging and that even the box is bulky for its contents. I think the company should re-consider their packaging and go with a plastic tray, a la Oreo cookies, that sits a bunch of sandwiches on its side. Of course, a box of six would appear tiny and people might stop to reconsider their value but they’d save money on all the individual wrappers anyway so maybe Ritz could spread the love with its mark-up. ;)

The company has been advertising this as a “pick me up” snack and as someone who certainly becomes distracted, if not irritated by hunger, I see where they’re going with the line of thinking. As I don’t love the flavor of the sharp cheddar Crackerfuls, I’m not entirely sold, however. If you think this product looks interesting, you can head over to the official Facebook page and get yourself a 75 cent coupon to try and prove me wrong (hint: you can’t. I’m infallible). If you’re happy with your current pick me up snack or have a great way to fight hunger between meals, let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll be convinced to try what you like!

Thanks to One2One Network for this opportunity!

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