Sam’s Choice Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Chicken

Date Thu, November 20 2008

I am a fan of any meal that comes with most of the work done. I love skillet meals and anything in a box which I only need to put on the stove or in the oven and check periodically. When I was in Wal-mart and saw the Sam’s Choice brand had a bunch of boxes meal kits in the freezer section, they were just the thing I like to try so I picked out the Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Chicken meal kit which contains chicken and roasted potatoes. Although the box did not really advertise the fact that this kit contains potatoes, they’re clearly in the picture so I investigated before picking it up because I want a full meal.

I threw the box in the freezer when we got home but this might have been a mistake. The box claims it will cook in 20 minutes, add 10 if frozen. That was probably right on the money and, if I purchase this again, I will make sure it’s thawed. Because it was frozen, the meat was less like individual pieces and more one giant brick of chicken. As it cooked, I had to tear it apart with a fork.

Nevertheless, it was a lot of chicken and it smelled great when it cooked: like garlic and herbs. I was really surprised as I tossed it in a pan with some oil. While most meal kits tend to come with very little meat and more less filling starches, the opposite was true here. In fact, I think there was too much meat and too few potato wedges because when I added them to the skillet (after about 20 minutes) it seemed like a very meager amount for 2 actual people.

The kit came with a “Balsamic Glaze Sauce Base” which you add after the potatoes and bring to a boil to finish the meal and I think this was the major downfall of the meal. I have never had a balsamic glaze before but I don’t think they did it right. Perhaps it was the freezing process but instead of a garlic and rosemary chicken and Parmesan potatoe, I wound up with a meal that was completely covered in a salty sauce. Now, I love everything salty. I am a big butter fan. However, this was just too much. It completely overpowered any flavour the potatoes had and you could not even taste the garlic in the chicken which has smelled so great as it cooked. I really wish I had not even added the sauce.

The super salty sauce, combined with a lack of potatoes, makes the Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Chicken meal kit by Sam’s Choice “just okay” rather than great. I think they’re on the right track and the chicken itself was good. The sauce and potatoes just need to be on par with the meat. Despite the fact that it was easy to make, even if it took longer because I had not thawed it, I will likely not buy this again unless they change the recipe.

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