Saving Money and Filling Tummies with Hamburger Helper!

Date Mon, May 4 2015

One of the boxes I purchase was Crunchy Taco, which is my favorite Hamburger Helper flavor. In fact, I think I already had a box at home, but that wasn’t stopping me. I also purchased some Tuna Helper that was quite similar to tuna noodle casserole, yum! There was a great sale on tuna (woohoo!), and I submitted for the rebate for the ground beef that I purchased with my three boxes of helper.

Crunchy Taco is one of those Helper products that’s a little more “complicated.” It’s still simple and quick, though. It also differs in that the carbs come in the form of rice and corn chips for the topping. If this sounds weird, rest assured it’s perfectly tasty. I make a similar dish with grilled chicken and corn chips. This is a whole lot easier dinner, however!

The instructions allow you to use both traditional beef or chicken, so you can mix things up a bit. You add the sauce, water/milk and rice after this first step and bring to a boil. This is definitely a small portion of rice, but that’s probably due to corn chips adding crunch and carbs, too.

hamburger helper crunchy taco

After you reduce to a simmer, you mix the cheese topping with milk. I like to refrigerate it so it thickens a bit. Then, you pour this over your meal and top with the chips. Admittedly, this doesn’t photograph very well. It tastes¬†much¬†better than it looks! And it’s all done in less than 30 minutes. Really, it could take less time if you paid more attention than I tend to. Oops! I’m definitely no chef.

I think you could add some pico de gallo if you’d like. The box recommends sprinkling with shredded cheese, but I was fresh out. Add a dollop of cream cream or even some hot sauce, depending upon your preferences. Perhaps a small side salad or some beans are up your alley. You can definitely experiment to come up with your perfect meal plan. Consider using spicy sausage in place of beef if you’d like!

That’s really one of the great things about Hamburger Helper and other Helper meals. They make it easier to make filling meals for the whole family, and by adding sides or your own creative toppings, you never have to have the same meal twice. All of the flavor packets and noodles are provided in perfect proportions, so you don’t need to buy a pack or box of something only to use it once. As a single person, I know I am guilty of this.

Hamburger Helper leaves me with leftovers, but they’re always ready to heat up! This is good for eating during lunch at work.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’re tried Hamburger Helper or it’s a staple in your house. Your pantry may always have a box or two when there’s no time or energy to make something from scratch. Either way, it’s worth checking out the rebate. Click on the banner below!

hamburger helper free beef

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  1. Angie Agerter May 4 2015 @ 4:53 pm

    We used to use quite a bit of Hamburger Helpers, but have strayed away from the box mixes for the most part. Though my favorite was the crunchy taco too!

  2. Maggie May 4 2015 @ 5:39 pm

    It definitely has been a while since I tried a Helper meal – I should try again soon!

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