Say What You Meme

Date Wed, November 20 2013
Say What You Meme

Say What You Meme

I am so glad that I discovered Playroom Entertainment because I’ve already had a lot of fun with the games they sent me. Say What You Meme is the first game of the bunch that I played with friends, and they’ve requested to play it again already.

This game comes with:

  • 150 meme images
  • 8 dry-erase cards with pens
  • instructions

Essentially, the game is made up of rounds where someone picks a meme image and everyone writes down a caption that’s intended to be funny on their dry-erase boards. These are cardboard rectangles with a shiny surface for writing on with the mini dry erase markers that are included. They won’t last forever, but it’s the easiest way for them to keep the game affordable and replayable. You could just as easily use a piece of paper and this is one way to add players.

The default rules allow the leader of each round to choose a word that others must use called a tag. This makes it more difficult but also more fun frequently. I found that sometimes the meme images were simply difficult to caption. Some were funny to begin with, but not all of them were. The round leader gets to pick the winner and the loser, who becomes the next picker. After five points, the game ends. You can certainly play for a longer period, of course.

We played with three of us and it was pretty fun. It’s always interesting seeing what you’ll write and how others will react to what you come up with. This isn’t a game for everyone, but it could easily be played with different ages. Our humor was a little risque, but children could also enjoy it. I think you could get plenty of play out of Say What You Meme as long as you’re not playing with the same people. You can head to the website to download and print extra images, but that’ll take a lot of ink. You’ll probably get to a point where it starts getting old, if you know what I meme (harhar).

Playroom Entertainment wants to engage with people and suggests hashtags you can use on social media when sharing the memes that you and your friends come up with. I don’t know if everyone will do that, but it would certainly be fun when snapping a photo on your smartphone.

I like that it comes with boards and markers for up to eight people. It’s a good game for a party. Plus, you could replace the mini markers when they run out. One thing I would like is some sort of eraser included. Of course, you can purchase a separate one but I don’t have one lying around. A cloth might work. I used a Lysol wipe and you could probably use some dry-erase cleaner, which I think you can make yourself.

All in all, I’d recommend this.  Say What You Meme is a super fun game that costs $30 directly from the manufacturer. You can also buy it at Barnes and Noble and Amazon for under $25.

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