Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

Date Thu, June 4 2015

My latest BzzAgent campaign is one that’s ringing a lot of deja vu bells, and you might understand why if you’ve been reading a while. Schick’s newest product is a combination razor and bikini trimmer under the Hydro Brand. The Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle might be new, but it’s almost an exact copy of the Quattro Trimstyle, which I actually bought for myself a few years ago!

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

It looks the same and serves the same purpose, so my review for the original is going to be a

There are a few differences however:

  • The original Trimstyle came with a cap for the razor blade part; the Hydro Silk does not
  • The original had a suction cap to secure to the wall; the Hydro Silk has not storage option like this

The Schick Hydro Trimstyle relies on a the same AAA battery and a single push button. It doesn’t start immediately, which I find a bit weird. I think an on/off switch might still be preferable. The design includes little “feet” on the bottom, so the razor and trimmer can be set on a flat surface without the blades touching anything, which maybe means you don’t need a cap for the razor. However, I have a walk-in only shower without any surfaces, and the lack of vertical storage is an issue for me, especially considering that the Trimstyle is wider than a razor and doesn’t fit on any of my caddy hooks.

Like the original, the upgrade is easy on my skin, perhaps easier than the Trio 3-in-1, which has an electric shaver and actually cut me when using it in the same area. The plastic guide that allows you to select hair length when trimming also serves to cover the metal blades when you’re shaving, which means you won’t scratch your hand. You can definitely get an allover trim with a few minutes with the trimmer, but you’re not going to get super close if you’re just using the trimmer, and there’s not enough blades to give a precise trim like professional tools.

You could use the trimmer to reduce length to get a close shave if it’s been a while, but you’ll definitely still need to shave, and you’ll need that razor to get any cute shapes like the annoying commercial suggests. Of course, the razor offers a pretty close shave, and you can use any Schick Hydro blade. The Trimstyle comes with a sensitive blade, which I didn’t find noticeably different from the standard blade, but you might want to try if you have extremely sensitive skin.

The second time around, I didn’t find myself as impressed with this tool. The changes aren’t upgrades in my opinion, aside from the Hydro Silk being better than the Quattro. And my original Trimstyle randomly died after not being used for a bit, so I don’t have high hopes for the quality of the sophomore option.

However, I’m also less patient with having to shave and trim to get “pretty” landscaping. If I was concerned about length, I would just reach for a different trimmer before, and that’s no more of an issue than this tool, which has a few quirks that make it not quite perfect. I’ll probably use it as long as I have it, however long that might be.

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