Seacret Mineral Body Scrub Candle

Date Wed, July 15 2015

A couple months ago, I entered a giveaway — and won (yes, you can actually win. More on that in this post). Now, I don’t enter nearly as many giveaways as some people, but this one was amazing because it was a box full of things dedicated to getting out and getting sun this summer. There were a few things I didn’t need, so I passed them along to friends, and I was excited to try many of the other things.

One of those was the Seacret Mineral Body Scrub Candle. I’d never heard of the brand or of a body scrub candle, but I definitely wanted to try it because I like massage candles and body scrubs. The idea makes a lot of sense to me.

Unlike most of the scrubs I’ve tried, which used sugar as the main abrasive, this one uses salt. This is also a common ingredient, but I kept thinking it would hurt for some reason. The salt is actually the trademark, since all of Seacret’s products use salt from the Dead Sea. The scrub also contains minerals and oils from the Dead Sea. It’s far from the only product I’ve used from a brand making that same claim. In fact, Deja Vu and Seacret seem to have similar “feels” in terms of packaging and branding.

The scrub comes in a heavy, frosted glass candle container with a metal lid. Mine was 3.4 ounces. In comparison, you get almost three times that amount when you just buy the comparable salt scrub from the company.  The candle does seem more glamourous, which is probably good if they want to sell you that

Upon opening it, I immediately fell in love with the scent. The Ocean Mist is difficult to describe. I think there’s a hint of vanilla that makes it sweet, and it definitely reminds me of the ocean. I also smell a hint of something lavender-like. It’s heavenly!

If you touch this scrub candle, it’s very soft. You can rub the wax/lotion between your fingers. This means there’s a low melting temperature. You don’t need to worry about burning yourself, and the heat of the wax does feel quite luxurious. I think you could light it before a shower and it would be ready to use once you’re done cleansing.

You can check it out in action in this video I found on Youtube:

In fact, I probably let it burn for too long because it doesn’t pool like a normal paraffin wax candle like you’d use for decor. When I went to use it, I quickly discovered that pouring isn’t really the best idea because the wick wants to move. You can pour, but you’ll have to adjust the wick. If you dip your fingers in or use a small spoon or something comparable, it’ll stay in place. I see there’s a small plastic applicator in the following product image, so I just didn’t get it with the review.

seacret mineral body scrub candle

Application is easy. Just rub it on your skin, especially knees and elbows, where dead skin might collect. To me, the salt seemed a bit larger than sugar scrubs, but it made it feel extremely effective. Your skin will feel moisturized, but you’ll definitely need to rinse after using it. Make sure to pass your hands over your skin to ensure all the salt has rinsed off. There’s a bit of a moisturizing “residue.” This sounds like a bad thing, but it certainly wasn’t to me.

I would suggest saving this for the end of your shower so the scent stays with you. And the oils will probably clog up your razor if you try to shave after it. I actually used the Seacret Mineral Body Scrub Candle before applying fake tan to help remove dead skin. Next time, I need to scrub more around my knees. Oops! My legs did feel great, though.

I used barely enough product on my legs, knees and elbows to make a dent into the candle jar. It’s still above the lip where the threading for the cap begins — so less than 1/2″ into the container. This sounds like more than I used in actuality. I expect this will last me quite a bit.

Here’s the sad thing: I can find no mention of this product on the Seacret website. I found one store/rep that seems to sell it, but $50 is a steep price! You can, however, find the regular salt scrub from Amazon for under $25. There’s also a body butter and lotion, which cost closer to $50 when purchased directly from the brand but quite a bit less on Amazon.

You guys, this scrub smells so good that I might just buy more products from the line through Amazon, and I think that says a lot!

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  1. Michele Brick July 30 2015 @ 7:51 pm

    Hi Cole, loved your review of the SEACRET Mineral Body Oil Candle. This item is not available for sale to customers and is only offered as a “host” gift at this time. SEACRET Agents can purchase for only $14.99. As an Agent with SEACRET Direct, we offer our customers 50-70% off retail prices on ALL the products. Check out my website You can order right from the sight or contact me and I can help you get some more fabulous SEACRET products at incredible prices! Thank you! Sincerely, Michele Brick

  2. Cole July 31 2015 @ 3:09 am

    Thanks for replying, Michelle. I figured it was something like that, but it would be great if it became available on the site!

    Also, totally read your URL to the tune of Secret Agent Man LOL!

  3. Michele Brick August 4 2015 @ 11:46 am

    I’d love to help you place an order for SEACRET! Get VIP pricing (50-7-0% off retail) when you order thru an Agent! Order directly online at

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