Seche Vite

Date Sat, August 22 2015

If you enjoy doing your nails, you’ve probably head of Seche Vite, the quick dry top coat that everyone seems to swear by. If not, you’ve probably experienced some frustration when your polish doesn’t dry quickly enough, which results in smudges, or when it chips quickly after just a day. I’ve had to deal with both.

For a while, I solved the problem by using a quick dry top coat from Sally Hansen. They have two, and I wanted to try it out before moving on to the holy grail of top coats. I figured they were cheaper and might work as well. I was pretty happy. I could paint my nails before bed and the typical smudges were severely decreased, but it didn’t dry all the layers of polish beneath the top coat. It could still get pushed up my nail if my fingers pressed against something roughly. Chipping was still a problem, too.

Seche Vite

Seche Vite

So I finally decided to try Seche Vite after yet another friend recommended. I picked mine up for about $7, and was excited to use it. The first time around, I was impressed by how quickly and thoroughly it dried, but it was still chipping the second day. On the recommendation of a friend, I used a much thicker single layer the second time around.

That was three or four days ago, and it worked quite well. I’ve got only minor tip wear. Seche Vite has added a super glossy finished to my polish — even more so than usual. It’s not good for a matte polish, of course, but works fine most of the time.

While I worried about the thick coat not drying, it did dry quickly. It wasn’t an issue. I can’t believe how quickly it dries. Plus, the formula is super easy to work with! I would definitely recommend this product.

Seche Vite is available from a variety of retailers now. I got mine at Walmart, but I know Sally’s and CVS sells it. You can also buy it online from Amazon, perhaps for the best price — just over $5. This might seem pricy for some people, but it’s more than just a regular top coat and comparable to Sally Hansen’s quick dry top coat while doing a better job!


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