Secret Outlast® Xtend

Date Wed, December 30 2015

I am not one to write glowing reviews, let alone such a glowing review for deodorant. But here it is! Secret Outlast® Xtend isn’t entirely unlike other deodorants. i opted for gel because that’s more my style. I’ve used other Secret Outlast products in the gel form and this looks pretty similar. It goes on clear, doesn’t mark clothes and dries quickly.

But Outlast Xtend promises 48 hours of protection against odor and sweat, and it seems to be one of the few products that actually comes through on that promises. Now, I haven’t gone an entire 48 hours without reapplying because I like to shower daily. But I’ve gone around 36 hours with a single application of this deodorant and..

I could have gone longer.

I mean, I wasn’t flower fresh. But I also didn’t feel like I would be subconscious if my schedule meant I had to run out of the house without taking a shower or applying more deodorant.

That’s the longest any deodorant has worked for me. Many products fail to work for longer than 12 hours if I’m being honest. Whatever my body chemistry is, it seems to win out more often than not. But that’s not a win for me, you know?

I’ve definitely used products that claimed 48 hours of protection that came nowhere close, so you can imagine how excited I am to have been able to try Secret Outlast Xtend. I just wish it was already available for sale so I could buy it and point other people in its direction.

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