Sensodyne Rapid Relief

Date Wed, April 25 2018

Some of my readers are probably enjoying summer-like temperatures already. It’s nearly May and we still have a bit of snow on the ground! This isn’t entirely unusual for Wisconsin, but we got dumped on with over two feet of snow in one week, and it was pretty terrible to deal with.

As you can imagine, I am over low temperature, high snow banks, wind, and all the skin, hair and teeth problems that come with winter. Teeth problems, you might ask?! Unfortunately, yes.

I have pretty sensitive teeth. Have for as long as I can recall. And winter is the worst for them. While I typically us toothpaste made for sensitive teeth, I can usually still count on discomfort if I spend outside when it’s cold and windy.

The way it works is strange, though. I don’t usually experience pain in the moment. No, it sets in after I get back from a long walk. My mouth and pain will start a bit after I get back inside, and the pain can last for hours. It’s not a good time.

To be honest, it’ll try to avoid being outside when it’s windy. But sometimes it cannot be avoided. And I really like taking walks (to the chagrin of my skin, hair, and teeth, heh).

Like I said, I always use toothpaste intended for sensitive teeth. and while it helps when I am eating, it doesn’t usually cut it when it comes to winter winds. And with such a long winter this year, I was glad to try Sensodyne Rapid Relief.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief

Sensodyne Rapid Relief

I’ve actually used other Sensodyne products in the past, but I didn’t find them to work any differently than other dental products for sensitive teeth. But I was willing to give this one a chance when it became available to review on BzzAgent.

How did it stand up? I pretty quickly noticed that my teeth felt better on those cold days. I rarely experience any of that pain after I’d spent time in the wind.  That’s a win for me.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief isn’t a perfect product, however. It had a screw-off cap that’s quite messy. I prefer the flip-top style. I also think the minty flavor of Extra Fresh is quite strong, almost aggressive. I am not a big fan of mint, but I deal with it to keep my teeth clean and healthy. However, Sensodyne Rapid Relief is a bit harder to swallow, heh, than some other products.

This toothpaste costs a bit more than sensitive formulas by other brands, but if you frequently experience sensitivity that interrupts your life, that might be a small price to pay.

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