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Date Wed, December 11 2013

Not only do I get spoiled by being able to try awesome new items, but so do my cats. For this review, I was able to try the new Park Tote pet carrier by Sherpa Pet. It’s a stylish way to transport your small dogs and cats, and after trying it, I’m impressed.

This is a soft-sided carried that zips down all the corners, which makes it easy to store and versatile (but we’ll touch on that later). When it arrived in the mail, it was folded down in its compact size with a simple cardboard “handle”.


Park Tote Collapsed

Park Tote Collapsed

Anyone who has used a hard plastic pet carrier knows how much room they take up when you’re not using them. I have one in my closet right now. The Park Tote is tons better.

After I removed the packaging, I went around setting this up. Each of the “corners” is a zipper, so you zip together the edges to form the four corners. I received the package tote with the zebra print, but it’s also available in a brown leopard print, too. The Park Tote comes in two sizes: small and medium. They’re pretty close in dimension, so I’d probably just go for the larger size if you’re not sure whether your pets will fit.

  • Small – 14” long x 6” wide x 9” high – For pets up to 6 lbs.
  • Medium – 16” long x 8” wide x 11” high – For pets up to 12 lbs.

When the corners are zipped up, you do lose a little space to the extra fabric, which folds in. If I could change one thing about this carrier, it would be that. I’d simply make it so the fabric snapped to the side. However, your pup or kitty could certainly push it out of the way, and the fabric will move to the side if they’re lying against it,

The exterior is quilted, which you can see in my photo. The interior has the same quilting, so it’s plush. There’s a removable board that adds stability to the bottom. It’s also covered in a soft sherpa material for them to be comfortable. However, this material does not cover the entire inside. The sherpa part detaches from the board, allowing you to wash it. You can also buy replacement ones if your furry ones have an accident that you can’t clean up.

On one side of the carrier there’s a mesh window with a little “curtain” you can roll up and down on the outside. This means you can see your babies or you can put it down to allow them to sleep. There’s a velcro strap to hold the fabric out of the way when you want the window open.

On the other side is a pocket where you can store some treats, your pet’s collar or anything else. This zips shut, so you don’t have to worry about things falling out of the tote falls on its side. The top is a mesh panel that makes it breathable. Like the sides, you zip it to hold it down, and there’s a little latch on the front. If you want to open the top, you can roll this back and secure it with another velcro strap.

What really makes this carrier different is that when you unzip it, it lays flat in sort of a six-sided shape that your pets can sleep on. So if you’re traveling, the carrier can also become their bed. I know my kitties don’t love to travel, and they tend to hang out in their carriers in new places. The Park Tote can be there little bit of calm in that stressful situation.

Overall, I really like this carrier. It’s almost perfect. And the boys?

Well, they give it their seal of approval, too. At least, Phantom does.

He's ready to go!

He’s ready to go!

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