Shopping and Accessorizing Plus Sizes from 599 Fashion!

Date Tue, March 10 2015

I think a measure of success when it comes to review items is when I continue to wear them. I still wear the striped top from 599 Fashion I received to review over two years ago! It just makes sense that I would shop at the store again, and they were kind enough to provide me with these items to review!

Plus Size Seamless Leggings

While the leggings fit pretty well in terms of width and would have easily stretched larger to a 2X, they were definitely longer than someone with my short frame should wear. This resulted in bunching up around my knees and ankles, so I found myself pulling at them quite a bit. I think these leggings are a good lightweight solution for anyone who is of average height or taller. If you’re rather tall, there’s plenty of stretch that I think would accommodate your length, especially if you wear them lower.


I actually liked the design of this so much that I requested it in both purple and black. The top has sheer, black mesh sleeves and a back, so you’ll probably want to wear it with a cami underneath, but it could look sexy with just a bra if you’re bold enough.

I really like the texture on the front. The sleeves end in a cuff of the same material, which I found actually made my arms a bit itchy, but it wasn’t anything terrible. 

One thing I didn’t noticed about this is that the sleeves of the black and purple tops are slightly different. The sleeves of the black are shorter. They’re longer than 3/4 sleeve, but it’s kind of awkward, especially for someone with short arms like me. I wound up wearing the sleeves rolled up because of it.

In comparison, the purple were almost the perfect length to stop at my wrists, but it’s going to be short if you’re taller obviously. Definitely something to keep in mind! The difference might be quality control. It’s hard to tell because the sleeves are scrunched up in the black product photo.

Long Sleeve Animal Print Hoodie

Long Sleeve Animal Print Hoodie

Long Sleeve Animal Print Hoodie


This hoodie is probably the top I was the most excited to get. It’s a simply waffle-texture hoodie with a black-and-grey leopard print on it. It goes well with my black and grey camis, and it’s really casual.

Although I ordered mine in 1x, the size runs pretty small! It’s a bit hard to determine sizing on 599 Fashion because the store carries so many brands but the brands aren’t really labeled.

The hoodie was quite tight against my shoulders when I first put it on. This made the tag rub uncomfortable against my neck, so I clipped that off right away.

I am happy to say that the hoodie stretched out a bit after use, but if you like your clothes looser, a larger size would be necessary.

Overall, I like the purple a little more. The color has more depth and I think it’s more flattering on me.




I think I was most surprised about this wallet (find it in purple). It must not photograph well because it’s much nicer in person. The black PVC is cutout over a glittery silver layer. It’s totally feminine. It’s also thicker than I expected — about an inch — with enough space for money, cards, keys and a few other odds and ends. I’ve used some really thin wallets, but this one seems quite practical. It only comes with a wrist strap, which makes it ideal for a night on the town but not daily use.

Honestly, this product looks like it’s worth a lot more than $6!

My experience with 599 Fashion is that quality can vary — even with the same product in different colors. Sizes also can be quite small, which I realized the last time I worked with them. Things fit better for the most part this time around. But you can definitely find some steals, like the clutch I was sent to review! Even if you don’t love items, they cost just over $5.

The stock rotates quickly, which is good if you like browsing what’s new. It makes writing a review like this difficult because items disappear, of course! If you’re on a budget and looking for affordable clothing and accessories, especially in plus size, check out 599 Fashion!

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