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Date Tue, March 24 2015

Ah, Avon. We all have images in our head of the Avon lady, knocking on door after identical door. Just like in Edward Scissorhands. My Avon lady is actually my mother, and I skip the process of looking through the book and head straight to the website, she she can get credit for my orders and I can compare everything the way I like.

A few weeks ago, I placed an order for around $30 worth of goods. There were some nice sales, and I’m pretty sure I found a coupon for free shipping.

I might have a few lip glosses that are years old in my bathroom, but that’s all I’ve got from Avon. Shopping was interesting because many of the items I wanted were sold out in my color or size, unfortunately. But there were some good sales on — or so I thought!

After receiving my package, I was quickly surprised by how small all the packages were. This definitely meant that I wasn’t getting as much bang for my buck as I expected. Sizes are generally listed on the website, but I paid more attention to photos and compared the products to those I might buy in the store.

This turned out to be ill advised, but I decided to keep the following reviews to test, anyway.

Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Acne Pads

This is a clear example of expecting a certain product size and being entirely underwhelmed. Typically, acne cleansing pads like those from Oxi and the like come in a specific size. The round jar that holds these 30 pads is about half the size — good for spot treatment but not for general cleansing of your face.

And you definitely want to keep them away from eyes, which respond to them sensitively. This is probably because the ingredient list contains alcohol on top of salicylic acid. These acne pads might be drying on your skin, so you’ll definitely want to avoid them if you have extra dry skin. A good moisturizer might be the better option.

To be honest, the tiny size makes them seem impractical and definitely expensive at $4.49 regularly. It’s back to drug store pads next time for me!

Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Acne Pads with acne spot treatment tube

Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Acne Pads with acne spot treatment tube

Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Foaming Cleanser

This might be one of my favorite products, but it suffers from the fatal “too-small” syndrome. At just over 4 ounces, it’s about 2/3 of the size of facial cleansers I’d buy from the drug store without any savings.

However, the cream cleanser is gentle, effective and smells pleasant enough. I’ve been using it with a 2-step process. The second is an exfoliating scrub. Using them together helps completely wash away makeup, dirt and oil from the surface of my skin and pores.

Foot Works Beautiful Dual Action Pedi-Peel

These scrubbing pads are much like facial cleansing wipes. In fact, they’re bigger than the acne wipes I bought, so that was a surprise. The Pedi-peel wipes come in a green mixture of glycolic acid and moisturizers, which is intended to “retexturize” and moisturize your feet. You’re supposed to use them, then allow your feet to air drive.

The pads lose their color as you use them. I use one for both feet about twice per week. Otherwise, I’d get only 11 uses for the pair of them!

I do notice my feet seem softer immediately after use, but it’s not replacing a pedicure, pumice stone or other more-intensive foot treatment. Right now, it’s on sale for $2.49, which is an amount I’d feel comfortable paying if I wasn’t sure it would work.

Ideal Flawless BB Beauty Balm Cream

I’ve written about how disappointing American BB creams are in the past. The only reason I opted to try Avon’s option was because another reviewer said it was pigmented. So how does this hold up? Does it do all it says?

– infused with Vitamin E
– infused with minerals and antioxidants
– hydrates skin
– evens skintone
– visibly minimizes redness
– conceals flaws
– lightweight feel
– smoothes skin
– SPF 15 protection
– skin looks better even after removing*

Ideal Flawless BB Beauty Balm Cream

Ideal Flawless BB Beauty Balm Cream

It’s not much more than a tinted moisturizer, honestly. It is tinted, but it’s not highly tinted, and that’s something that’s a must in my BB creams. Perhaps I would have benefited from a darker shade, and Avon does offer 5 different shades from “Light” to “Deep.” However, this doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s not going to show up well.

I probably wouldn’t wear just the BB cream out of the house by myself, and it’s really not enough coverage to use with my powder. This isn’t the all-in-on product I was looking for, so Avon’s feature list means little to me.

Avon Glow Bronzing Powder

I have less to say about Avon’s bronzer than any other product. It’s a full-sized compact that comes with a mirror, which I like. It does its job as a bronzer, comes in three shades and isn’t all full of glitter. However, there’s nothing special about it that warrants the $9 price tag.

Perhaps Avon could get away with premium pricing if all its products offered premium results, but that wasn’t the case in my experience. None of the products, even those that worked, were worth the price.

I’m lucky that I got them all on sale because I likely would have returned them at full price!

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  1. Danielle March 25 2015 @ 6:53 pm

    I love Avon products. I too also use to sell Avon for about 6 years. I still look at their books and noticed that products seem smaller and more expensive.

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