Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm

Date Sun, July 15 2012

Hot Pink BB Cream

Hot Pink BB Cream

Remember when I blogged about hunting for BB cream and I worried about getting a fake? Well, here’s that review. In fact ,it’s been exactly two months since I ordered the product, and it was expected to arrive here just a few weeks ago. It took only a week or so to arrive at my house, however, so I’ve been using it for quite some time.

The first thing you probably want to know is what’s up with that name? I mean, it comes in a hot pink bottle, so that part makes sense. However “beblesh balm” is due to some sort of copyright or some issue over there in Korea, so Skin79 uses “beblesh,” instead. It’s weird and sounds like someone badly translated a word, but whatever.

As I mentioned, the pink label comes in a pink container. Skin79 also makes a gold label. I don’t know why I chose pink over gold. I guess, to be honest, I liked the packaging better. I was unfamiliar with both products, and this one won out. So, the BB cream comes in a box and inside that box is the pink jar. There’s a tiny hole and the entire top is a pump, so you get a very controlled amount of product. I prefer this to moisturizers where you have to dip your fingers in, because those get under my nails and seem messy. With the pump, a little extra product gets around the nozzle, so you should be sure to wipe it away. Also, the shiny surface on the button is prone to fingerprint smears, but it doesn’t hurt the product, of course.

The BB cream in this bottle is thicker than many moisturizers I’ve used. It pumps out into a little dollop–and I mean little–that mostly stays in play. It doesn’t drip. It’s also flesh-toned. I’ve never used a tinted moisturizer before, so this is different for me. I’m a little more rigorous about application, because it is thicker. I can’t just wipe my hand over it quickly, I really rub it in. You’ll want to do this to let it oxidize, though. Before oxidation, Skin79’s BB creams can look a like ashy. In fact, that’s a pretty major complaint about them. It blends in with my pale skin quickly, though. It’s only ashy for all of the first five seconds.

It may be me, but I have to use a pump for each half of my face, and I feel like that should be overkill. It feels like a lot of product but, then again, it’s that thickness coming into play. After my skin is coated, there’s noticeable evenness. I’ve almost always gone without foundation this summer, and while the Hot Pink BB cream isn’t doesn’t offer as much coverage as foundation, it does even me out. When I do the first half of my face, it’s always a little Two-Face action going on, which isn’t a bad thing. However, over the day, the coverage seems to wane. I could be sweating off the product.

Besides the evening-out of skin tone, this product provides SPF 25, which is pretty high for most facial products. It also has whitening abilities, because that’s big in Korea. I don’t know if I necessarily want to be any more white, but I thought that it might actually help with my complexion. The jury’s still out on that one, however; it’s not so much a light foundation, if you’re worried about that. Still, it is intended for a lighter skinned demographic, so I don’t think it will match everyone.

Another thing that I like is the feeling. It’s light. It’s not so heavy that it makes me sweat, which is a problem I’ve experienced with moisturizers in the past. However, after some serious sun time, it does feel a little heavier. That is, other moisturizers will drip right off my face, but the BB cream feels a little more like sweating with make up that sits on top of the skin, rather than absorbing into it. This isn’t enough of a con for me to stop using it, however.

The only reticence I have about this product is the price. It’s well over $30 if you purchase it from the official site. You can grab it on Amazon for about $15, which I did. This link is to the seller where I got the legitimate product, and I’d use them again. Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm is available for prices as low as $7 on Amazon, but I’d carefully read the reviews and some blogs to look for fakes before making that purchase. In the future, I may simply opt for an American tinted moisturizer and save some money, that is, if I can find one that covers as much as this.

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  1. amanda August 4 2012 @ 8:06 am

    never heard of this before., looks interesting i dont think id pay that much for it maybe the one on amazon.

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