SkinFree SkinCare Products Part 2

Date Tue, December 15 2009

If you haven’t yet read my review for the Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar, do so now. I’ll wait. Okay, all caught up? As I said, the other two products I was sent for review include a scrub for blemish prone skin and a moisture product, both of which contain Niaouli which is described here as such:

an evergreen tree with pointed leaves and spiky long yellow flower..found in New Caledonia and Australia. It is sought after for its antiseptic, clearing and cleansing and as a physical and mental stimulant. Niaouli’s essential oil has a sharp, clear floral aroma.

It seems like using Niaouli to treat acne is nothing new but perhaps isn’t widely known.

The Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin comes in 6fl ounce plastic jar. Actually, there is a different container showed on the site so I’m not sure if they have switched to or from the jar. My jar is dark blue and there are Skin Free labels on the front and back sides. On the back it advises to use the scrub daily or weekly to remove oil, minimize pores and remove dead skin. The Niauoli essential oil is meant to help prevent bacterial growth.

After first opening the Niaouli Scrub, it seemed like it had separated a bit in the mail; the liquid has floated up but the gritty bits were solidified on the bottom. I shook and stirred it up and can use it fine but I have to mix it up every time I want to use it. Skin Free might consider modifying the formula so that the parts mix better. I also notices the strong scent which I believe is due to the Niaouli. It smells not unlike eucalyptus like cough drops of Vicks. It’s not entirely unpleasant, just strong. It may even clear the sinuses.

The scrub is easy to use. I rub some on, rinse it off. The granules are much rougher than other products I’ve used. I haven’t used any facial scrubs but I’ve used washes with microbeads and the like, none of which are as harsh as the Niaouli Scrub. It’s extremely effective at removing dead skin but harsh enough that I could never, ever recommend it for daily use. I use it about 3 times a day. It definitely sloughs off dead skin; when I used my makeup brush after the scrub, I could feel the soft bristles like never before. I don’t struggle with extremely dry skin but it still makes a world of difference. Of course, after immediate use, your skin will be quite red and I wouldn’t recommend rubbing this into the skin with any force.

I have noticed that my skin seems redder overall, after using the Skin Free products. I’ve always been a ruddy cheeked type person (you know, like Santa) which is apparent with my super lgiht skin but it’s become more noticeable, at least to me. I’m not experiencing any irritation but I do think that when the Niaouli Scrub sloughs off the dead layers of skin, it’s easier to see my blood vessels as they are closer to the surface. So I look really.. alive? LOL. It’s not something that bothers me frequently or that would make me stop using the scrub all together but it’s something I would be cautious of when consider this product.

It may help if I use it only on a weekly basis, which I think I will try. Otherwise, the scrub works really well.

This review is sponsored by Skin Free.

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