SkinnyGirl Daily On-The-Go-Bars

Date Mon, February 25 2013
Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp On the Go Bars

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp On the Go Bars

I’m not normally a bar sort of person. There’s so few that I truly enjoy that I usually skip out. The SkinnyGirl On-the-go-bars aren’t going to change my mind in one bite, but these are a snack that aren’t too bad.

In fact, for the name – SkinnyGirl – these power bars are almost too sweet. I tried the blueberry yogurt variety, which was neither too hard nor soft. It was coated in a sugary, yogurt type icing labeled as “Greek yogurt” but far sweeter than you would expect. I would actually like to taste more blueberry and less sugar. While the blueberry flavor was detectable, it didn’t seem quite so balanced. Still, the white drizzle was attractive.

Other flavors are available:

  1. banana oatmeal dark chocolate
  2. dark chocolate multi-grain pretzel
  3. coco-nut with peanuts

At 180 calories, this is a decent snack or could go as part of a meal – with cereal at breakfast, for example. These power bars are lower in carbs and sugar and pack more protein and fiber into them than some snacks, so they’re better for you. They’re also kosher, which is cool. I’m a bit wary whenever I see anything advertised as ‘natural,’ so I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on that. Three of these varieties are gluten-free, however, making them perfect if you’ve got sensitivities to wheat products.

I wasn’t familiar with SkinnyGirly Daily before trying this product, which I received from Influenster. However, I actually have heard of Bethenny Frankel, whose brainchild SkinnyGirl Daily is. The on-te-go-bars were the first food item to be included in the lineup, which previously included digestive and energy supplements. If you’ve seen Ms. Frankel, then you know this chef and celebrity is quite thin. Her goal is to create a healthy and high-quality product line for busy women like herself. I think it’s a bit more advertising than anything else, but I wouldn’t mind these bars in the future. I just wouldn’t go out of my way for them. These are only available at health/specialty outlets at the moment, so that means I’d have to go out of my way for them, unfortunately.

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