Skinvolve Body Boost Gel + Body Karate Cream

Date Tue, June 23 2015

There are two products from Skinvolve, and you can buy them separately or together in the Starter Kit. Those two products are Body Boost Gel and Body Karate. I want sent both to review!

Body Karate doesn’t just rhyme, folks. It’s a thick, moisturizing cream that smooths and tones your arms. Because it’s a lotion, it can be used anywhere and not just places where you want to tone your skin. I’ve used it after shaving, and you’re especially supposed to slather on a thick layer after bathing. So it’s become part of my after-shower routine. While I might not use the Body Boost Gel every day, this enables me to make sure I won’t miss a day.

This product is easy on my skin. I just realized that my arms are sensitive to cocoa butter — what gives? — so I’ve been using the Body Karate Cream there instead. The thickness feels soft and luxurious. This might because it contains argan oil. And although I don’t like it by itself, it works well in this lotion. Call me a fan!

The other active ingredient in caffeine, which can be beneficial to help your body do away with fatty tissue when used topically. It also has antioxidants.

The Body Boost Gel isn’t quite so passive, shall we say. What I mean by that is that it literally provides a tingling sensation so you can feel it working. This gel is great for working on cellulite and other fat that can result in uneven tone and lumps and bumps. After putting it on, it feels cool and tingly. If you’ve got a fan running, this seems to increase the sensation. I didn’t realize this, and it took me by surprise.  But it’s actually quite nice now that it’s warmer.

The tingling is due to menthol, while the other ingredients are:


  • Ginseng
  • Green Tea
  • Guarana
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamins A,B,C,E

And neither of these products has parabens or sulfates. Score!

The combination of ingredients creates a scent that reminds me of lemongrass. It’s more bitter than an actual citrus fruit. It might just be how menthol and green tea combine, but I honestly wouldn’t mind a hint of vanilla just to sweeten things up. The scent of this is pretty strong, too, and lasts for quite a while. The Body Boost Gel might not be for everyone.

According to the instructions, you should use it at morning and night. To be honest, I forget it in the morning. My routine is usually blurry-eyed, but I’ve been better using it at night.

Because I’ve been using both the gel and cream, I cannot say whether one works better than the other, but you certainly can use them together because they contain different ingredients. I’ve mostly been using them on my arms and tummy, which have some stretch marks since losing weight. I figured these ingredients would probably do pretty well with that, too, but cellulite isn’t a huge concern for me. The skin on my upper arms also isn’t quite as soft as I’d like — or any other part on my body.

The skin where I’ve been using the cream and gel is definitely soft, and I feel like the stretch marks are fading, too! My arms can especially be blotchy because I’ve got such a ruddy complexion,but I feel like they’re evening out. Getting a bit of a tan probably doesn’t hurt, too. I really like petting my arms because they’ve become so soft – ha!

I’ve only been using this about 3 weeks, and you’re supposed to give it 6 to see the best results. So I hope I’ll be back with even more happy words! Other reviewers have been using these products in addition to working out to get more tone, so if you’re working on your abs or thighs or some other body part, you might consider adding this to your routine. Plus, the cooling menthol will feel good after working up a sweat!

If you’re interested in either product by Skinvolve, you’ll definitely want to get them together to save a bunch of money. The combo costs $60 for two 8-ounce tubes.

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