Skittles Melon-Berry-Scented Jar Candle

Date Mon, August 5 2013
skittles melon berry candle

skittles melon berry candle

A recent trip to JoAnn’s had me waiting in the line for a good while because there was only a single cashier. Through the process, I looked at damned near every thing  had on the shelves because what else can do when you’re stuck in line with strangers?

I actually wound up smelling all of the Skittles candles, which are just 3 ounces but only cost $1.50, so it seemed like a fair deal. They are packaged in boxes that are open so that you can smell them, so I was wary of not being able to smell them at all because they weren’t sealed. I found that I couldn’t detect any of the cherry scent, and I just didn’t like the blue raspberry. However, I really liked the melon berry. It smells exactly like you might guess. I don’t recall any Skittles having this taste/smell, but the melon is refreshing and crisp; the berry is sweet.

Despite this being so cheap, I think the ridged jar is pretty cute, and you could reuse it if you’d like. I lit the candle and forgot about it. Seriously. I left the house for a couple hours, and when I came back, I was all “What smells so sweet?” This tiny candle did. It was hard to miss.

Amusingly, I did it again.  The wick is so low that it’s quite safe to leave unattended, and it’s small enough that the candle doesn’t generate much heat. Now, a single Skittles candle isn’t going to infiltrate your entire home, but it’ll work for a single room — maybe more if it’s an open space.

The only complaint I have is that JoAnn’s actually marked up the price 50%. You can find these at the Dollar Tree, and that’s a decent deal.

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