Smart and Easy

Date Fri, April 22 2011

Aside from the Glade items, SC Johnson sent me some other products that come in handy for Spring cleaning.

Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning I was already familiar with Pledge dusting spray; although I hadn’t used it for some time. I’d been dry dusting with the Swiffer Duster and, while I enjoyed it and it worked well enough (and is great for hard to reach places, as I have the extending handle!), it doesn’t do anything to prevent dust from returning. Because my bedroom furniture is so dark, dust is super noticeable. Pledge leaves the surface a little slick so dust doesn’t stick quite as much (as well as leaving a crazy shine!). It was also funny watching Phantom slide across my dresser. While I’m pretty sure most of us are familiar with Pledge, I’ve only used it for wooden furniture but if you have stainless steel, granite or leather, you can also use pledge on it. I don’t but, I could.. some day!

Another product that I got to test–and this one was completely new to me–was the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer. This product sprays a freakin’ wall of foam at your bathtub and shower. It’s pretty crazy. It can also get a little messy so I’d definitely recommend practicing at a safe area. LOL To be honest, I have one of those smooth-walled showers and I hadn’t cleaned it once since we moved in (gasp!) so this was the perfect time for me to use the shower cleaner. It’s super easy to see where you’ve sprayed it and wipes down, leaving everything gleaming. According to SC Johnson, it leaves things clean for four days after and your shower or tub’s surface will be able to more easily repel grime so you spend less time breaking your back to clean away the soap scum later. My shower isn’t really soap scummy but I did also spray some on my shower liner, which was quite scummy, and was pretty impressed with the results.

Lastly, I was able to try the new Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel. If you watch TV regularly, you’ve probably seen the commercials. They’re all “Stamp it in your toilet and you’re set!” And I’m all “You mean I don’t actually have to clean the toilet? Woo!” Nice concept but it utterly fails in reality. You see, you have this tube of gel that you insert into the holder and, every time you want to use it, you have to force this button to pop into a different spot to “stamp” in the gel. It leaves a fairly thick circle of gel. Note that you have to put it right under the rim so that the running water will rinse it away over the course of a week (according to the packaging). I stamped a little low the first time around the the gel just stuck there for weeks. I don’t know if it was still actually working or not–or even if it worked at all. You see, a ring still formed around the toilet and the bowl wasn’t looking so clean after using the toiler cleaning gel. I wound up scrubbing it out by hand so, had I purchased the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel, I’d be pretty disappointed, especially because I wound up having to scrub off the gel. On the other hand, it smelled nice enough and did a good job at odor control (although, you might find it too strong if you’re sensitive to scents).

Out of these three products, I like Pledge the best and I imagine the Mega Shower Foamer will last me a freaking lifetime.

Once again, thanks to BzzAgent and SC Johnson for giving me the opportunity to review these items!

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