Smart and Sexy Lingerie Review

Date Tue, December 13 2011

Smart and Sexy is a lingerie and sleepwear store that I may be in love with. It features comfortable, quality products at extremely affordable prices. And I’ll be writing a positive review for those but, as if that weren’t enough, Smart and Sexy is dedicated to helping empower women. CEO Ariela, who is the courageous mother of eight!, explains on the website how the company is dedicated to donating a portion of proceeds to organizations that help women. I am honestly flattered and humbled to have been able to work with this company and I can tell you that I will remain a customer of them because I can back both their principals and product. That’s not something I can say all the time. I frequent some stores because they have good prices but I often find myself feeling guilty because I don’t like their policies. This is not the case with Smart and Sexy.

On to the review, though!

Lace Overlay Bunches Up

Lace Overlay Bunches Up

I was sent the Extreme Pushup Lace Bra & Vikini Set in zebra print. It’s actually one of those hybrid stripes/spot sets which seem to be all the rage. I have a top like that. It’s adorable. This set is incredibly detailed. The pieces consist of lace with black ruffles along the edges of the cups and waist of the vikini. The lace on the bra is actually an overlay and, in some spots, seems a little loose. so it bunches up.  There’s room enough for it to move over the base material.

The bra features the double strap which is pretty popular these days, it seems. In the back, it turned to a single elastic strap that has a sort of scalloped edge. The widest parts of the bra band consist of just the black and white lace, which is somewhat see-through. The lace itself isn’t the softest I’ve ever worn and it did bother my skin the first time I wore it. I have since become used to it, however. They connect to a double elastic strap which then connect to the hooks of the bra.

Double Elastic Strap

Double Elastic Strap

I do have to say that the push-up properties are pretty amazing. The cleavage effect is awesome. However, the cups themselves are bit stiffer than I’d like, resulting in a bit of an unnatural feel and look to the bra.

The included vikini is sort of a hybrid bikini an tanga with a general “V” shape. It’s meant to sits higher on the hips/waist than in the center and be cheeky. V-shaped panties really don’t look all that great on my body. It’s okay though. I ran into a sizing issue because the sets come with fixed panty sizes so you’ll want to be sure to check that before purchasing a set yourself.

The quality of both these pieces is okay. I did notice that one of the elastic straps came unsewn from the back of the bra so I sloppily sewed it back on myself. All the other ones seem secure, though, so it’s just a fluke.

The other piece that I was sent to review I absolutely love. It’s a red lace chemise that is not currently available on the site but is similar to many of the pieces in the sleepwear section. I really adore this size. It’s an empire waist style with triangular cups. The entire piece if made from a sheer, floral lace. The elastic straps, which are adjustable, and a tiny bow between the breasts have contrasting gold stitching which make it seem ideal for Christmas.

This is a super easy to wear piece. Just slip it on over your head. Adjust the stretchy cups, if you’d like, you the best fit. The waist is reinforced with elastic but offers stretch. It fits snugly, but comfortably, on me. The rest of the piece falls away more loosely from the body and the chemise falls to about mid-thigh. It’s not terribly short, which I like

Ruffle Detail

Ruffle Detail

Another thing that I like is that the cups are not ginormous. Many lingerie companies assume that anyone who wears a size large or large has D-cups or larger. It’s hard to make cups that swamp your breasts look good but if the cups run a little smaller, you can always buy a size larger and just have a bit more room in your lingerie in my opinion. The large is definitely suitable to B or C cups. In fact, it made me feel very well endowed because the cups do run a bit small. If you’re larger chested, this is definitely something to take into consideration when ordering from Smart & Sexy. The specific piece I receive didn’t offer much in the way of support but the company does offer some pieces with underwire.

I have worn this thing like six times since I received it and washed it a few times, too. It’s definitely help up well and I’d love to own some similar pieces from Smart & Sexy. When you consider that their piece sall run between $15 and $20, it’s really reasonably priced. You can also hop on over to their Facebook page where they’re hosting a contest. Nominate a Smart & Sexy woman — or maybe someone will nominate you! — to win gift cards to the store as well as Wal-mart and  charity donations in their name and Walmart/

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