Smooth Moves and Dangerous Curves!

Date Tue, May 12 2009

So let’s talk about Schick’s new Quattro for Women Trimstyle. You know I wanted even the male version when I saw the first commercial. You know I really wanted to buy it when I saw the one for us girlies. And I did. And I liked it. Here is what else you need to know:

Shick’s new tool is a razor and bikini trimmer called the Quattro For Women Trimstyle and it comes in a feminine pink and teal-ish package. The tool itself is the same teal and white so while it’s different from the pink of the original Quattro for Women, it’s still quite feminine. Although wider than the Quattro razor, it’s not unwieldy. Like the original, there is a little rubber button to rest your finger, right above the razor blade, but I found that this was not where my finger naturally rested.

The razor takes the same 4-blade replacement as the original Quattro for Women (so you can use any blades you may have) although the razor cap slides on from the end instead of over the top (this might be better. It seems more secure).

The trimmer is powered by 1 AAA battery which has a rather clever compartment. This makes the whole thing waterproof and since I am not a fan of dry shaving, this is good. It also means the trimmer can be cleaned up by running water over it. The Quattro For Women Trimstyle comes with a plastic holder which suctions to the shower wall but probably will not fit in the original shower holder.

The trimmer has an adjustable comb for 3 different lengths and can be removed entirely. With the comb on, I never worried about cutting myself nor did I find the trimmer to be too bulky. The comb was a little tricky to maneuver. It was easy to set it at the short or long lengths but the middle one was harder because the comb wanted to skip past that setting. Removing the comb can help for cleaning up any little hairs.

The trimmer is powered by a button on the handle. I found that, during shaving, I would occasionally bump this button. I think that would happen no matter where the button is located on the handle as long as it is that shaft and is the style it is. I would prefer a switch you push into an on/off position as opposed to the button.

My experience with Shick’s new Quattro For Women Trimstyle was pretty good. I don’t really like the tricky job of shaving my bikini area so I tend to let it go until I know something must be done. I don beekeeper style gear, grab a hatchet and set to work for long hours under the blinding sun. At least it feels like it. With the trimmer, I was able to trim several months’ growth of hair in 5 – 10 minutes so I looked presentable. This made the more precision shaving which was to come a lot easier. While there were a few straggling hairs which I missed, I think it was more my fault than that of the Quattro For Women Trimstyle.

The Quattro For Women Trimstyle never once caught on my hair or cut me. I could use the trimmer in either direction; although, the cut was closer it I went against the grain. The trimmer is not super quiet. It sounds like an electric razor and if you feel the need to hide what you’re doing, make sure to have the shower on or to be home alone. However, it was not ridiculously loud.

Ive always reviewed the Quattro For Women razor and while I like it, I wound up defaulting to my Venus Divine because I was sick of buying 2 sets of blades. One thing is for sure, the Quattro gives me a much smoother shave in some areas, like my bikini line and the back of my thighs but not in others (like my actually bikini area or legs). While shaving the bikini area after trimming, I did bring out my Venus to get a few hairs the Quattro seemed to miss consistently. I’m not sure what the rhyme or reason it for why the razor for so well.

However, I feel this is a strong tool overall. If you don’t have time to shave, the trimmer works well. If you like to do both, it’s 2 tools in 1. If you are like me and need to tame the lion, the trimmer is the first tool for the job and then you can go back for more precise styling later. If you run out of razor blades, a close trim will certainly tide you over. Now that I have the Quattro For Women Trimstyle, I don’t see myself ever needing to go into the jungle again. It will be much easier to consistently take care of the bikini area.

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