Sniffin’ Out The Best

Date Sun, June 1 2008

I, like most people of the modern world, use deodorant. I cannot say, without doubts, where I land on the scale of odor; however, I do know I sweat an awful lot, especially compared to other females so this may lead to an increase in odor. I also know that I prefer to be dry, clean feeling, and pleasant smelling.

I’ve tried a lot of drug store brands when it comes to deodorant and am still in search for the perfect product: nice smelling, long lasting, and invisible. I haven’t quite found it (in fact, I am waiting for my current deodorant to run out so I can try something else) but I’ve had varying degrees of success with several products.

Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirant/Deodorant, Satin Pear claims to provide “24/7 non-stop” protection for your active life. This stick deodorant is affordably priced in the $3- $4 range and easily purchased at any drug, big box or online store. The pear scent is pleasant but perhaps a bit too sweet for me. I feel it would be better as a perfume or lotion and that the scent doesn’t seem clean or “serious” enough for an effective product.

Not to worry, this product is not effective and I can only lambaste its lack of quality. Although the package claims that “micro-absorbers” will absorb sweat and prevent odor, it simply does not. After no more than an hour or 2 using Lady Speed Stick 24/7 Satin Pear, I felt unclean, wet and could smell odor.

It also leaves those unfortunate white marks on your clothing, something that doesn’t bode well with my mostly-black wardrobe.

On the other hand Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry, Wild Freesia provided hours of protection; although it didn’t last 24 hours, I only needed to apply it once a day and I’d be set until bet time. This deodorant had a clean and pleasant scent that was not overpowering or too sweet.

Although the similarly priced Lady Speed Stick, Wild Freesia surpasses the other stick deodorant easily in both those categories, its claim to provide “no white residue” falls short. Unfortunately, there is still residue.

When it comes to Satin Pear I feel no need to express lenity; the product is poor, failing to do what it advertises but tries to cover it up with a pretty scent. I would forgo Satin Pear for Wild Freesia, a product which has longer protection and a clean scent. However, comparing both products by their signature claims (non stop protection and no white residue), both Lady Speed Stick, Satin Pear and Lady Speed Stick, Wild Freesia, respectively, both fail to live up to the promises. I would look past that concerning the Wild Freesia as nearly all deodorants which claim to be invisible fail to be so and still praise this product’s redeeming qualities; however, I cannot do that for the other. If you are on the market for a deodorant and clarity is not a requirement, go for Lady Speed Stick, Invisible Dry Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, Wild Freesia.

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