Soft as.. Well, Cashmere

Date Sun, October 19 2008

So we recently ran out of soap in the bathroom which is something that happens (otherwise the soap industry would be sad) and happens much quicker than with hand soap kept at the kitchen sink. We’ve been using the same generic but nice smelling soap since we moved in and I decided it was time for a change, while browsing the soap aisle.

I scanned the products and saw what looked simply like a little piece of heaven in a bottle. Softsoap has a line of products called Skin Essentials which offers hand and body soaps. I chose the Pure Cashmere soap mostly because it smelled wonderfully, light and fresh. Of course, I thought that “cashmere extract” sounded pretty awesome, too. I must admit, I am a bit fan of foaming soaps so that helped as well.

I’ve been really surprised at the Pure Cashmere moisturizing hand soap from Softsoap. It still smells great. What is amazing is how luxurious the soap feels on your hands when you are washing. If that wasn’t impressive enough, your skin does feel softer after using so I feel confident in the Softsoap’s claim that this is a softening soap.

Although I’ve only been using it a short time, it will be interesting to see whether or not Softsoap Skin Essentials Pure Cashmere permanently improves my skin.

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