Softsoap Nutri Serums Body Wash

Date Sun, December 27 2009

Recently, I a got in touch with someone from SoftSoap to do a review for two products in their Nutri Serum line. These body washes contain tiny, nutrient bubbles which burst during use, allowing the serums inside to do their work and keep your skin healthy and attractive. I was given both the green and purple bottles which are both labeled as “body nourishing wash” while the purple is specially intended to “Moisture Retaining with Omegas 3 & 6” and the green is geared toward ‘Restoring with Vitamin E’. There are two colours of serum pearls in each bottle, nestled among clear gel: gold and either green or purple (depending on the type). Both versions retail for $3.50 to $4.50 so they’re about average, if not just a little more expensive than other body washes.

I first used the green version with vitamin E. It’s definitely got a floral scent but it’s difficult to put my finger on which flora and the bottle doesn’t help. It’s pleasant overall; in fact, Ryan even commented on how nice it smells. But the scent isn’t overpowering. It doesn’t really stick to your skin or flood the bathroom like other products I’ve used which could be disappointing to someone who likes scented products but if you have a sensitive nose, this might be a better choice. Maybe.

The purple body wash with omegas 3 and 6 definitely has a fruitier scent and I think my nose detects a hint of coconut. It seems to be a stronger scent and stays longer on my skin but is more feminine and perfumey than its counterpart. It’s pleasant enough but I’d probably buy the other bottle if I were choosing on scent alone, which I usually do.

Both of these products lather incredibly well and glide well across the skin. I don’t need to use too much but I probably overdo it out of habit. I cannot actually feel the pearls bursting but I did some testing and came to the conclusion that the serum inside is clear and only the pearl ‘casings’ are coloured. Whatever is inside, blends right into the gel itself and I don’t notice it.

My skin feels quite soft and moist after using the Nutri Serums body wash. Sometimes I get a dry patch of skin on my elbow but I didn’t experience that at all. I experienced no irritation but some folks are sensitive to glycerin which is an ingredient in both products. While I like how my skin feels, I don’t notice a “wow factor” like the PR material suggests. It’s decent, really but I’m not entirely sold and I slightly prefer the feel of a creamy body wash over gel. I didn’t really notice a difference between the two types I tried, though, and I used them both for several weeks.

If you’re looking for something new, you could do a lot worse than Softsoap’s Nutri Serums body washes. Both held up well compared to products in a similar price range but they didn’t alter my life.

This post is sponsored by Softsoap.

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