Solid Cordz HDMI 2 Pack

Date Wed, May 21 2014

I was recently given the opportunity to try some new HDMI cables for free. Previously, I’d only ever used cables that came with devices such as my Wii U or those from Amazon Basics, which is a brand that I just love for getting things on the cheap.

There isn’t too to say about these cables. They work, and they work well, but I really haven’t had trouble with HDMI cables.

They’ll provide hours of entertainment.. if you hook them up between your cable box or video game console and TV.

They even come in plastic bags that your cats will love chewing on. Wait, is that just my cat?

No tools necessary! Plug-and-play HDMI technology transfer HD audio and video. In this case, you can also use the cable as a source of network/Internet connection if you have compatible devices. I do not, and I don’t think this is very common.

These HDMI cables are fairly thick. Less bending equals better picture in many cases. The insulation stops interference.

They’re also just 6 feet long. Great for me to test my wingspan and remember how short I am. It’s also good to getting the best possible picture and sound quality on your TV. Longer cords eventually lead to degradation.

Gold-plated connectors really don’t do anything special, the but the cables come with plastic caps to keep them clean when they’re not in use. These are pretty nice, and they’ll double as cat toys when I’m not using them (are you sensing a theme here?)!

All HDMI cables should be backward compatible at this point. When you’re connecting devices with different versions, cables provide the best possible output. Yay!

There’s nothing wrong with the function of these cables by Solid Cordz, but the price is a bit iffy. Amazon BasicsĀ sells individual cables that are slightly longer for $6 each. You can get 25 feet of cable for $17, too. Those seem to work just fine for me, too.

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