Solid Cordz 2-Pack Extension Cord

Date Thu, June 5 2014

Let’s keep this one short and sweet — like me!

If you’re setting up holiday decorations, have bought a new Wii U (also like me) or you simply don’t have enough outlets in your home, you’ll probably need an extension cord. You can purchase the cheapest one possible from the dollar store and hope it doesn’t burn your house down, or you can opt for high quality. I was recently able to try Solid Cordz extension cords to write about them.

Listed as premium cords, these cables have very thick insulation, which is ideal for using them outside for decoration or even in the garage. I wouldn’t hesitate to use these in rain or snow. And the insulation will protect the wires inside from bending and breaking.

The heavy-duty cables also have a grounding prong, which allows you to use them for appliances like microwaves or vacuum cleaners, which require this. The cords come wrapped up with twist ties and with a clear, plastic bag. There’s not a lot of extra packaging to deal with, and I like this. When not in use, you can twist up the extension cords and plug them into each other for storage.


 Foot Extension Cables by Solid Cordz

Foot Extension Cables by Solid Cordz

Solid Cordz sells these 2-packs in both 6 feet and 10 feet. If you don’t want the extra cables making your living room our decor look sloppy, then the shorter length might be perfect. Unfortunately, Solid Cordz doesn’t offer longer options, so you’re going to wind up daisy chaining two or more together if you need the length.

Even if you don’t need any right now, having an extra extension cord lying around is always useful. They’re especially useful if you’re upgrading your home entertainment system. Plus, Solid Cordz offers a lifetime warranty for products like these.

Check out the extension cords and other products by Solid Cordz on Amazon.

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  1. Jenn June 5 2014 @ 4:13 pm

    I really like these cords – they’re perfect for giving us some extra reach for laptop cords. :)

  2. Cole June 5 2014 @ 6:31 pm

    That is precisely what I will wind up using them for!

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