SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker [Followup Review]

Date Sun, May 5 2013

When I wrote my initial review for the SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker, I hand’t drained the internal battery. Since I’ve done that numerous times in the past few months, I’ve noticed a few things that some people might count as marks against it. When the battery is fully charged, I love this little piece of tech. And I have to thank Mobile Fun for giving me the chance to try it. Stop on over there if you’re ever in the market for anything like Galaxy S4 accessories, and you’ll be pleased.

And while I can’t say that I am necessary displeased with this speakers, I can definitely name a few areas of improvement.

  1. It uses a miniUSB port to charge. I’d rather it uses microUSB, allowing me to charge it with any of the chargers that I have floating around. The included USB cable is just a couple of inches long, and I only have one more, which I don’t think have enough current to charge it fully.. This brings me to my next points.
  2. You can’t listen to the speaker while it’s charging.
  3. And I haven’t been able to get it to last nearly as long as the initial charge while charging it on my own. I listen to it for less than an hour a day, and it dies in three or so days. I seemed like it lasted a full week or more initially.
  4. As it’s dying, the speaker makes a little chime.. every.freaking.minute. It’s loud and interrupts whatever you’re listening to. It would be horrible at a party, but it’s only less horrible because I listen to the speaker mostly when I’m in the shower. The chime seems to start randomly about 10 minutes before it starts, so you hear it ten freakin’ times before it stops. I think one ten minutes and one minute out would be just fine because there’s no way in hell you can miss it. Plus, that would actually give you a much better idea about how much time you have left remaining.

These things aren’t really enough for me to stop enjoying the speaker. I just wish I didn’t have to charge it so much and the chime wasn’t so annoying. I’d almost prefer the LED indicator was the only alert of a low battery, and I think others would agree.

Anyway, it still sounds pretty good, so I’d recommend it overall with a few caveats. You can find it at Mobile Fun, like I mentioned, and they’re also hosting a giveaway for a Nexus 4. I’ve already entered it, so maybe you shouldn’t so that I can win. ;)

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